Lucille Penn is the main villainess in Benny, Leo and Johnny’s Holiday in CA. She is a black woman with red lipstick and brown hair. She is a fraudulent felon, dressed up as a police officer. Ironically, she does things against the law: aside from fraud, she has stolen a police car, drives it recklessly and unlicensed, extorts money, kidnaps and wrongfully arrests people who don't give her money, and forges money. These are why she is pictured on a wanted poster, and why the reward is $500,000. She is assisted by Heath Lynx, Adlai Albertson and reluctant conjoined twins Challie and Shannon. Her lair is the "Pennsylvanian Mall", which is not actually a shopping mall. It is, instead, a jail she uses for homeless people and anyone who can't or won't pay her any money, meant to look like a mall on the outside.

One day, when the Fantasy Adventures Team has freed the homeless and the Madagascar Team, and of course, Bagheera and Tigger, Penn wakes up and orders Adlai to arrest them, but he refuses, afraid that it would include Queen Eliza. The real police (whom Johnny had called) arrive and arrest Penn (who begs Challie and Shannon for help, but they refuse, much to her dismay), Adlai (who admits his part), and Heath. Penn blames the Team for her punishment and threatens to curse them all when she is free.

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