Ludo is the main antagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Using his army of monsters, he wants to steal Star's wand and take over the universe.


Ludo is a short grayish-green bird-like monster. His head is round, having some bumps and warts on it. He has yellow eyes, and he has a dark gray beak with sharp white fangs. He wears a mossy green cloak, and he wears a cow skull on his head like a crown. Under his skull crown is a light blue patch with dark green fringe circling it that resembles a kappa's water dish. He wears flip-flops under his cloak.


Ludo is evil, and bent on stealing Star's wand so that he can take over the universe with it. He is very power-hungry, and he leads an entire army of other evil monsters that are out to help him steal her wand. Self-centered, he puts his needs above those of his minions' and doesn't show compassion if they or anyone around him gets hurt. Despite his evil personality, he is shown to be quite cowardly, childish, and weak, often giving up on fighting Star after she andMarco defeat his minions.