Luna and Yuna is the new crossover short made by Iamnater1225.


Princess Luna took very special care with her baby filly, Yuna while Hiro's away at the Prince meeting, Sometimes she do things on her own and Sometimes Elsa helps her out a little, It's a mother's job to take care of own baby.

Hiro off to the Prince meeting

One day, Prince Hiro was getting ready for the Royal Prince meeting as his wife, Princess Luna waved goodbye as she's ready to spend some time with her baby filly, Yuna.

Playtime begins

Luna and Yuna enjoyed playing, Luna sometimes plays Peek-a-Boo and she even enjoys tinkling Yuna.

Practice making hoofpaints/Washing hooves

Later, Luna brought out some paints. When the practice is on, Luna begins the demonstration of hoofpainting. Yuna did exactly as she does. After hoof painting, Luna washed her hooves and Yuna washed hers.

Feeding Yuna/Bathtime/Diapering

It was feeding time for Yuna, Luna brought out applesauce. It was bathtime, Luna loves giving Yuna a bubble bath, So, She brought out the bubble bath soap and washed her while playing with her. Later, Luna had to change her baby's diaper. Every time she gets a little fussy, She brought out her favorite rattle while changing her.

Visiting Aunt Celestia, Twilight, Cadance, Titanic and her sisters

Later, Luna brought Yuna to see Princess Celestia. At the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle, Twila begins playing Yuna when Luna had to talk with Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Trixie and Princess Sunset. At the Crystal Empire, Skyla was the next playmate for Yuna while Luna spoke to Princess Cadance.

Playtime with Luna/Playing with her new toys

Back at Canterlot, it was playtime, And Princess Luna brought out her old baby toys for her to play with. Yuna loved playing with her old and new toys while Luna started resting because her hooves.

Hiro's back

Then, Hiro then came back and asked Luna how'd things go with Yuna and it turns out that things are alright.



  1. Hiro off to the Prince meeting
  2. Playtime begins
  3. Practice making hoofpaints/Washing hooves
  4. Feeding Yuna/Bathtime/Diapering
  5. Visiting Aunt Celestia, Twilight, Cadance, Titanic and her sisters
  6. Playtime with Luna/Playing with her new toys
  7. Hiro's back


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