This is how Luna redeems Makuta goes in The Return of Makuta


Makuta: You don't know what it's like to have people focus on hour sibling instead of you. Or what it's like to be in your sibling's shadow.

Princess Luna: I do. I have endured it myself. And now I realize that my ambitions were getting the better of me and that going against those I loved was wrong.

Makuta: [surprised] actually understand me?

Princess Luna: Yes, Makuta. Indeed I do.

Makuta: Then you understand how I feel.

Princess Luna: Yes. I've been through what you're going through and made the mistakes you're making. I was so mad over the attention my sister's daylight was getting and just like you, I rose in rebellion. I thought if I made the night last for eternity, my subjects would give me the attention I had always wanted.

Makuta: I'd always thought merging elements into masks would get me the attention I want.

Princess Luna: But rebellion isn't the right way to do it.

Makuta: [gasps in realization] You're right. [looks down] The truth is sometimes I wonder what my life would've been like if I'd just went to my brother and talked to him about it instead of merging elements into masks.

Princess Luna: Well, I can help you with that. But I need to ask you one thing.

Makuta: And what's that?

Princess Luna: Will you accept my friendship?

[Luna holds out her hoof. Makuta thinks then holds out his hand]

Makuta: Yes.

[Makuta shakes Luna's hoof]

[Makuta returns to his Mask Maker form]

Princess Luna: Good. Now come. Let us talk with your brother.

Makuta: Gladly.

[They later stand before Ekimu]

Ekimu: So, you're sorry for what you have done, brother?

Makuta: Yes, brother. After Luna told me how she went through what I went through, I thought about my life, all the destruction I caused. I wish I could make up for it somehow.

[Ekimu thinks]

Ekimu: It has been thousands of years since I have seen you like this. Time to put our differences behind us. You and I were meant to be Mask Makers together, brother. Will you accept my friendship?

[Makuta thinks then hugs Ekimu]

Makuta: I'm so sorry. I missed you so much, brother.

Ekimu: I've missed you, too.

[Princess Celestia and Princess Luna look on happily as the brothers embrace each other]

[They hear banging and follow it and find Makuta forging masks]

Ekimu: These will make great gifts for the ponies.

Makuta: Indeed, brother.

[They see that Makuta forged six masks in the shape of the Mane Six's cutie marks]

[Makuta gives one of them to Rainbow Dash]

Makuta: Rainbow Dash, wielder of the Mask of Loyalty.

[Makuta gives the next one to Pinkie Pie]

Makuta: Pinkie Pie, wielder of the Mask of Laughter.

[Makuta gives the next one to Rarity]

Makuta: Rarity, wielder of the Mask of Generosity.

[Makuta gives the next one to Applejack]

Makuta: Applejack, wielder of the Mask of Honesty.

[Makuta gives the next one to Fluttershy]

Makuta: Fluttershy, wielder of the Mask of Kindness.

[Makuta goes over to Twilight]

Makuta: And Twilight Sparkle, wielder of the Mask of Magic.

[Makuta gives the mask to Twilight]

[They put the masks on]

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