The way Lunch and Meeing the Principal and the Vice Principal goes in Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.

In the cafeteria.

Princess Yuna: Wow! Look at this cafeteria.

Princess Skyla: I know, It's incredible.

Princess Twila: I can get use to this.

Prince Edmond: So can I.

Emerald: As long as I avoid any food fight.

Moon Starlight: Get a grip, Emerald.

After lunch.

Wallace: Princess Yuna, Our Principal and Vice Principal would like to see you, Would you like to meet them?

Princess Yuna: Sure, Wallace.

Wallace: I'm sure Dean Handscrabble and Jane Kangaroo will be thrilled to meet you.

Princess Yuna: Who are Dean Handscrabble and Jane Kangaroo?

Wallace: They're friends of ours and they help keep our school in order.

In the principal's office.

Wallace: Hello, Dean, Hello. Jane. I would like you to meet Princess Yuna and Moon Starlight.

Jane Kangaroo: The daughter of Hiro and Princess Luna?

Wallace: The one and only.

Dean Handscrabble: Welcome to our school, Princess Yuna.

Princess Yuna: How'd you two know of me?

Jane Kangaroo: (shows Yuna the newspaper with the picture of her and Dusty Crophopper on the front page)

Princess Yuna: (reading the newspaper) Wow, I must be famous.

Dean Handscrabble: Yes, You surprised us very well.

Jane Kangaroo: We're thrilled to have you here, Yuna.

Wallace: So, Yuna, What do you think of them?

Princess Yuna: They're very kind to me because Dusty and I were heroic.

Wallace: That's great.

Princess Yuna: I bet Dusty will hear about this. See ya.

Dean Handscrabble: I bet there are no doubt that Princess Yuna can be full of surprises.

Jane Kangaroo: I'll say, Dean.

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