This is how lunchtime goes in Sleepover with the Eevee Family.

Arthur: I tell ya Cec, There's nothin' like fixing picnic for Brian and the Eevee family.

Cecil: Right you are, Artie, How's the Pizza comin' Pain?

Pain: We're just about done, Cecil.

Panic: We'll have it ready in no time.

Dusty Crophopper: Hey, Guys!

Pain: Hey, What gives!?

Panic: We don't remember sending Party Invitations.

Arthur: Hey, Brian, Vinny, Vaporeon, Why are Yuna and the others here?

Cecil: We're taken too many mouths to feed.

Brian Griffin: They're here for a sleepover.

Vaporeon: You guys don't mind, Do you?

Princess Yuna: It'll be really fun having a sleepover.

Cecil: Well, Fellas, We couldn't say no to any princesses.

Arthur: Right you are, Cec.

Panic: We'll have lunch ready in no time. Ready, Pain?

Pain: Ready, Panic!

It took a while, But Arthur, Cecil, Pain and Panic have the Kitchen all set up for Lunch.

Arthur: Lunch is served!

Cecil: Bon Appetit!

Dusty Crophopper: Those Fries were great.

Ishani: Quite a feast we're having.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Arthur, Thank you, Cecil.

Prince Edmond: Thank you, Pain, Thank you, Panic.

Panic: Don't mention it.

Arthur: No worries.

Snowdrop: Those taste good.

Nyx: The Black Berry Pies a good too.

Zeñorita Cebra: Very Bountiful.

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