Lyon Rey (voiced by Haseo4455) is a half-man/half liger creature and the main protagonist of the original story,
Lyon 015
Primal Warrior.


Lyon was a hansome human being with a loving wife named Elna.  Together, they had two children.  Fist came their son, who Lyon named Joesph (though most everyone else calls him Joey).  Then the following year, they had a daughter that Elna named Terra.

On a fateful day, a pack of archfiend flew down and attacked, killing Elna and kidnapping Joey and Terra.  Determined to save what was left of his family, Lyon went to look for the Archfiend's domain.  Along the way, he discoverd a legendary sword that was trapped in stone.  When Lyon freed the sword, it transformed him from a man to a beast.

In his new form, Lyon was able to face Maverick, the King of the Archfiends.  Using the Primal Sword, the Primal
Approaching the Sword copy

Lyon Rey when he was human

Warror was able to defeat the giant Archfiend and rescue his children.  To ensure that the archfiends don't come after them again, Lyon took his children to live at their cabin in the snowy mountains.


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