Mad Seal Disease is another episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles.


Mako's seal, Sidney bites a lot of beings, making them believe he has a disease.


One day, Squidward tries to relax, but Mako's seal keeps invading his yard. And he's constantly bouncing a beach ball on his nose and throwing it around. Soon enough, he attempts to keep Sidney away by building a splintery wooden fence around him, but to no avail. As he complains to Mako about this, Sidney bites him. Squidward asks Mako if Sidney has had all of his shots, and he says that he has, until Patrick comes along and asks him if Sidney has been vaccinated for "Mad Seal Disease," a disease that turns anyone bitten by the afflicted into a zombie, which Mako says he has not. Suddenly, Sidney runs off and starts to bite everybody in sight. Confused, Mako talks the the Miner Trains about the disease and they claim they never heard of such a disease and tell Mako to find Sidney while they get some answers. Equestria is sent into a state of mass hysteria and destruction, and soon, almost everybody has been bitten and turned into zombies. Those who have survived the disease are hiding out at Sharky and Mako's arcade pizza parlor. Mako tries to get in, but they believe he is a zombie and will not let him in, until he slips through the doors.

And Morley then suggests that they might all be zombies, and everyone starts panicking. Sidney then comes in, much to the horror of the onlookers, and then Mako tries to calm down Sidney, but is almost bitten. The survivors then decide to kill Sidney. They all surround Sidney but Mako grabs his seal and jumps behind the cash register counter, and fends his seal [his shark instincts kicking] as some of our heroes watch in surprise, then a shotgun blast is heard. The Miner Trains have came in to put an end to the commotion, explaining that the disease is just an urban legend and that the supposed symptoms were all in their imaginations. Then Blythe finds why Sidney was biting everyone, which was a splinter being in his tail fin, from Squidward's fence, which she removes. Mako is happy that Sidney was never disease-ridden and asks if he still loves him with Sidney barking in response. Then the Miner Trains ask who was the one that said Sidney was disease-ridden.

Mako says it was Patrick, and the episode ends with some of our heroes chasing Patrick to get back at him for causing all the chaos and almost causing Sidney to be killed for no reason. Mako at first is confused, but decides to join the chase along with Sidney just for the thrill of the chase. 


  • This episode is based off the Spongebob episode, "Once Bitten."



Squidward: What a sun-tastic day! [he slips on fish slime] Fish slime. Sidney looks over as Squidward mops up the slime] That Mako needs to keep his pet out of my yard. I am sick of him invading my yard.

Sidney: [bark] [Sidney is now bouncing a beach ball while balancing on Squidward's pet rock collection.]

Squidward: Not my pet rock collection. [growls, and starts jumping up and down] That's it! This isn't the first time you've soiled my yard with your revolting excretions. But mark this down in your little notebook: it will be the last time! [Later, Squidward puts up a force field of wood all around his house] This cheap, splintering wood will keep even Sidney out. Now, I feel safe. [Sidney's ball bonks him] Mako!

Mako: Yeah, Squidward?

Squidward: [calmly] Hey, Mako... [screaming] Keep your sea vermin off of my property!

Mako: Sidney's no sea vermin! But I will do what I can to keep him off.

Squidward: Okay, but next time your wet pet bounces his ball on my lawn, you leave me no choice but to call Seal Control. That little monster... [Sidney bites Squidward's butt. stutters] He bit me!

Mako: SIDNEY!!! [pulling Sidney away] No, dirty boy. This isn't like you.

Squidward: Oh, but it's just like you, Mako, to raise such a misbehaved mutt.

Mako: [smacks Squidward] SIDNEY IS NOT A MUTT!!

Sidney: [growling]

Mako: But there does appear to be something wrong with him.

Squidward: I'll say. I hope he had his shots.

Mako: Oh, of course.

Squidward: All of his shots?

Mako: Affirmatory.

Squidward: For rabies?

Mako: Yup.

Squidward: Seal pox and soft skin dance?

Mako: Yupie.

Squidward: Bronchitis, lumpy-bump trump, teen angst?

Mako: Yup, yup, yup.

Patrick: [suddenly appearing] Well, let's not forget the worst of them all: Mad Seal Disease.

Mako: Uhh...

Patrick: You mean your pet hasn't been vaccinated for mad seal disease? [to Squidward] Looks like the rash has already started.

Squidward: Rash?

Patrick: Tell me, do you have any soreness of throat?

Squidward: [gulps] Well, now that you mention it, my throat is a little dry.

Patrick: This disease will ravage your body with bloodshot eyes, loss of balance, messy pants, ticklish rib cage, severely untrimmed toenails, and finally, the bite from that infected seal will turn you into...a zombie.

Squidward: [runs off screaming]

Patrick: [To Mako] You need to get that seal of yours to a doctor before he bites someone important. [both gasp once they see that Sidney is missing] There's a mad seal on the loose! [runs off screaming]

Mako: "Mad Seal Disease?" I better get some expert help.

[later Mako is with the Miner Train]

Steam Claw D.: "Turn you into a zombie?"

Mako: Yeah, that's what he said.

Mucker: That's impossible, you have be a zombie to turn someone else into a zombie!

Mako: What should I do?

Steam Mech: You go find Sidney, and take him to see a doctor. We'll look into this so called, "Mad Seal Disease."

Mako: Okay. [races off to find Sidney]

[in the town]

Patrick: [runs up to a couple] That mad seal is coming! If he bites you, you'll turn into a zombie.

Fish: Jeepers, what's with all the lunatics? [Sidney comes up]

Fish's Wife: Oh look, honey, isn't he the cutest? [Sidney is panting]

Fish: Come here, little buddy. [pet's Sidney] He's just adorable. [Sidney bites him] Mad seal disease is real! I'm a zombie. I've been bitten by a mad seal. I've got mad seal disease!

Fish #2: Then I've got it! A seal just bit me, too! [all screaming]

Frank: [screams; all look at their hands and scream]

Johnny: We interrupt this program to bring you a news blast. Terror in a shell. This just in...fear and disease is spreading like wildfire as a killer seal has been biting the citizens of Equestria infecting them with...mad seal disease. (two scream sound effects are played at once. One of them is from the Hooky episode, the other one is one audible from the show Rocko's Modern Life.) Ask any old fish on the street and they'll tell you that germs enter through the bite radius, traveling upstream until the entire host body is full of...mad seal disease. (the same sound effect from above can be heard) We now take you to Action News Reporter Perch Perkins live on the scene.

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here with the first victim of this epidemic. Tell me Mr. Tentacles, when did you first begin to suspect that you were a zombie?

Squidward: Well, after I was bitten by a mad seal, I began to get a rash; followed by loss of balance, ticklish rib cage, and a few other symptoms.

Frank: [wearing red shirt] Hey, I was bitten by a seal. I kinda feel off balance. [falls over] Whoa.

Perch Perkins: Hey, I have a ticklish rib cage, too. And I haven't even been bitten.

Frank: [wearing red shirt] Oh no, it's spreading through the air! [all scream]

Perch Perkins: Well, you heard it here first. We're all doomed to a horrible demise. Thanks to a diseased seal. [screams and runs around in circles; TV static then back on; still screaming]

Mako: [shocked due to the news; people screaming] Sidney? [horn honking] I can't believe that sweet and silly seal would cause all this destruction.

Squidward: [moaning] I'm a zombie, here to dine on your squishy blue flesh. [moaning like a zombie. Some of the people moan and are zombies. Mako screaming and takes a bus; Mako still screaming and running to the Pizza and Gamer Castle] It's locked! [all moaning] Somebody let me in.

Sharky: Mako, come in. [uses key to open]

Frank: Stop! You can't let anyone in!

Sharky: Mako's my cousin, I can let him in, this is his parlor too.

Frank: They're zombies behind him. They want to dine on our flesh.

Sharky: Zombies? You think, Mako's a zombie?

Frank: Maybe.

Mako: Sharky, LET ME IN!!

Mr. Krabs: But how do we know you haven't become one of those voracious flesh-eaters?

Mako: Could a voracious flesh-eater do this? [he uses his body to slide through the door]

Mr. Krabs: Mako, it's you.

Mako: That's right.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, that's Mako all right.

Patrick: Or is it?

Mako: Huh?

Patrick: I don't believe that's the real Mako. He looks pretty zombie-fied. Just look at how blue he is.

Mako: Of course I'm blue, I'm a short-finned Mako shark! I AM NOT A ZOMBIE!!

Patrick: Really? I don't know...

Pepper Clark: Patrick, knock it off! That really is Mako!

Patrick: Okay, but I got my eye on him!

Morley: If you could pull out your eye and put it on him, wouldn't that a zombie too?

Patrick: You're right. [alarmed] I'm a zombie!

Morley: Who's to say we're not all zombies?! [all scream]

Sidney: [barks] [walks in]

All: The seal!

Mako: Sidney! [slowly approaches the seal] Are you ok, buddy?

Harold: No, don't get near it. Oh, the pity of it all!

Evelyn: [to Harold] I can't watch. [faints into Harold's arms]

Penny Ling: That is one brave shark.

Mako: It's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Sidney: [growls]

Mako: Easy, Sidney. Easy. [Sidney almost bites him] YAH!! Sidney! How can you do this?!

Harold: Mako's almost been infected by his own pet seal. Oh, the irony! Quick, we must quarantine that infected seal before he bites every last Equestrian. Let's get the seal!

All: Yeah!


Harold: Hand over the seal.

Mako: [growling] No.

Mr. Krabs: It's...for his own good, Mako.

Mako: [roars] No, I won't let you touch Sidney!

Harold: Stop the madness, man. The Mad Seal Disease ends now. Seize the seal!

Mako: [growls at the sight of his seal about to be killed] [we then view inside his mind and see a pressure gauge and the needle hits the red bit with a skull and crossbones.] [growls even bigger]

Sharky: Oh no.

Blythe: What?

Zoe Trent: What's going on?

Mako: [his shark instincts kick in] NO ONE'S GETTING MY SEAL!!! [charges forward] RAGH!!! [grabs Sidney and jumps behind the counter] [then jumps back out] COME ON!! TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!!

[most the mob comes forward but Mako easily fends them all off and beats up anyone who gets near]

Eddy: What the heck he's doing?

Edd: Embarrassing me to end.

Sharky: No, his shark instincts kicked in.

Mako: Mad Seal Disease or no disease, NO ONE'S GETTING MY SEAL!!!

[shotgun blast]


Steam Claw D.: Look at you all! That crazy disease has gotten out of control!

Mako: [kicks out of his shark instincts] Guys! What did you find?

Steam Driller: We did some research in this disease book, [shows the book] and that "Mad Seal Disease" you're talking about doesn't exist.

All: Huh?

Mucker: Yeah, that crazy disease is only an old urban legend.

Patrick: Well, does that mean we're not zombies?

Steam Grindor: NO!! You have to be a zombie in order to turn someone into a zombie! That stupid disease is only just mass hysteria.

Nathiel: But what about my severely untrimmed...

Steam Driller: You idiot! Those are only moderately untrimmed. All the supposed symptoms are just common ailments.

Mucker: It's all in your hands.

Mako: [holding Sidney back] Easy there, boy. But what about Sidney? If he doesn't have a disease, why'd he bite all those people?

Blythe: [takes a look] Ah-ha! The problem's right here. He's got a tiny splinter in his tail fin! [Blythe pulls out the splinter and Sidney is now back to normal] That's better, isn't it old friend?

Mako: Oh, Sidney, I knew you weren't disease-ridden. You still love me?

Sidney: [barks]

Mako: Good ol' Sidney's back.

[they smack their tail fins together]

Edd: [grabs the splinter from Blythe] A Splinter? Sidney's crazy biting spree, was all because he had a splinter in his tail fin?!

Sharky: Alright, who's the genius that said Sidney had a fake disease?!

Mako: Oh, that was Patrick.

Patrick: Who, me?

Eddy: What'd you say about Sidney, you quack?!?

Patrick: Quack?

Eddy: You're a quack! Quack quack quack!

Harold: If the disease was never real, that means we could've killed Mako's seal for no reason.

Morley: Say, [to Patrick] what?


Patrick: Huh?

Human Rainbow: You idiot! I outta press you into jerk cider! [cracks her knuckles]

Morley: I'm gonna kill you, Patrick!

Blitzer: Likewise.

Patrick: Um. DAH!!! [takes off running]

Eddy: Get him!

[Eddy, Ed, Rainbow, Human Rainbow, Morley, Blitzer, Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, & Penny Ling chase Patrick]

Eddy: Wait'll I get my hands on you! I'll teach you some sense, you quack!

Mako: Oh well, can't beat em', join em. Come on, Sidney. [joins the chase]

Sidney: [barks and then tails the chase]

Patrick: DAAAH!!!!

Ed: [laughs]

Morley: Come here!

Blitzer: Don't let him get away!

[we fade out of the scene and the episode ends]

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