Madame LaCroque
Madame LaCroque
 is a cruel and evil woman who kidnaps little girls and force them to make laces. She is the main antagonist of Madeline: Lost in Paris. She was once a cabaret star until she lost her fame when she made an embarrassing mistake by accidentally ripping her dress while dancing on the stage. Since then, she no longer performed because of her humiliation. She sold her hair to make lace since she had no money and started to own the lace factory. She, along with Henri, even lied to the courts promising that they would take good care of the kidnapped girls. Any inconvenience from one girl in the factory, and she'll cut that girl's hair off and use it into lace. Instead of feeling sympathy for any who are sick, she scolds anyone who coughs because it ruins the lace, and sentences them to working on black lace in the dark (she did this to one named Fifi, who was ill). Also, if one girl defends that girl from her (like Madeline defending Fifi), the defender gets locked up in the detention cell.


It is unknown what "La Croque" means in French.

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