Madam razz and broom by cosmicfalcon 70-d36lt5s

I think it's obvious 'witch' one's 'witch'.

Madame Razz and Broom are two characters from the Masters of the Universe spin-off, Princess of Power who know Princess Adora is She-Ra.

Madame Razz

Madame Razz is a witch who lives in the Whispering Woods on Etheria. She has spellcasting abilities and is able to brew potions in her cauldron. She is very absent-minded, and frequently mispronounces spells or forgets them completely. However, they usually have a tendency to work out for the best regardless.


Broom is a broom like that has ability to fly, and lives in The Whispering Woods. He is Madame Razz 's best friend and with his aid she can fly.


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