Maddie Rooney is a Team Member of Sora's Adventure Team Since Sora Says It's Magical! Also, She is the identical twin sister of Liv Rooney. he's the tomboy, compared to her sister, but there are times where she reveals her girly side. Aside from Liv, Maddie has two brothers and parents who work at the school that she and Liv attend. Maddie, whose popularity as an outstanding student and school basketball phenomenon is on the rise, finds out that things may take an unexpected turn when her Hollywood star sister, Liv makes a triumphant return to their Wisconsin High School. Despite the fact that her sister is a star, Liv learns to respect Maddie for who she is. As of now, Maddie seems to be confident in herself, not letting her sister's fame get to her. Her catchphrase is "Bam! What?!", which she often says after proving a point or winning in a discussion. She is currently dating Diggie.

Maddie promotional pic 7

Maddie Rooney


She and Liv's First Appearnce of Sora's Adventure Series was Sora Says It's Magical (at the End of the Adventure, They Join on Sora's Adventure Team for New Discoveries)

She and Liv Used to Lived in Wisconsin for Traveling to Walt Disney World, But Now They Lived with Sora and His Adventure Team, They Go to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Other Places Alot.

Maddie and Liv Never Went to Disneyland Before until Sora's Adventures of Disneyland Fun was Their First Visit to Disneyland.

She's Dating Diggie. (Although Diggie has Not Been Seen on Sora's Adventure Series Just Yet)

She's Great Friends with Lela, Tanner, Cailtyn, Jiminy Cricket and Olie Polie.

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