Here is how Made it to Orionis, The Full Moon Rises and Ishani in labor goes in Yuna and the Desolation of Malefor.

The very next morning, Yuna and her friends and their company are preparing for their journey to Orionis.

Princess Luna: Take the raft to that mountain and that's how'll you get to Orionis.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

Prince Isamu: (fuses over Yuna)

Princess Yuna: It's okay, Isamu. I'll be back soon.

Britannic: (stopped Ishani) Not you, Ishani. You're in no condition on traveling.

Ishani: But why?

Cassim: Because you're about to have your foal. We can't allow that risk.

Dusty Crophopper: If Ishani's staying, So am I.

C-3PO: Are you sure about this, Master Dusty?

Dusty Crophopper: I'm sure, 3PO.

Titanic: And we'll help you, Prince Dusty.

Britannic: Be careful, And good luck, Princess Yuna.

Olympic: Stay safe.

Princess Yuna: Dusty, Are you sure you wanna do this?

Dusty Crophopper: It'll be okay, Yuna. Once Ishani and I have our baby, And once you help Edmond reclaim Orionis, We'll be together again.

Princess Yuna: Okay.

Tigatron: Yuna, It's time.

Princess Luna: (hugs her daughter) I love you so much, Yuna. Stay safe.

Princess Yuna: I will, Mama.

Airazor: Yuna, It's time to go.

Princess Yuna: Coming, Airazor, Tigatron.

Tigatron: Don't worry, Luna. Your daughter is in good hands and hooves.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Tigatron.

Cheetor: Whenever you're ready, Big Cat.

Tigatron: Always ready, Little Cat.

Later, The Sunset rises and Yuna and Company are getting close to Orionis.

Prince Edmond: Look!

Optimus Primal: Orionis, We must be close.

Wolfgang: Just wait, My Queen. We're about to witness the great long lost treasury of Orionis.

Golden Queen: Yes. I look forward to this.

B.E.N.: That makes two of us!

Princess Yuna: We made it.

Snowdrop: We did?

Nyx: So, Now what?

Princess Yuna: We wait for the Full Moon to reach the door and Edmond will use the key to unlock it.

With the others.

Prince Isamu: (embraces the full moon)

Princess Luna: (used her magic to rise the full moon)

Prince Isamu: (embraces the moon)

Hiro: That's right, Isamu. the Full Moon is rising.

Prince Indy: (embraces the moon)

Princess Celestia: Yes, Indy. Auntie Luna's rising the moon.

Princess Luna: It's done.

Titanic: Well done, Princess Luna.

Britannic: Let's hope they remain safe from Malefor.

Ishani: (yelled in pain) Dusty, It's coming!

Dusty Crophopper: Oh no! We better get her to safety!

Britannic: Get her inside.

Dusty Crophopper: You'll be alright, Ishani. Just start breathing.

Ishani: Alright. (begins her brething)

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