Magic mirror

The Magic Mirror (known as Slave of the Magic Mirror, or Spirit of the Magic Mirror) is a legendary magical mirror who always speak the truth, normally in verse form.

Queen Grimhilde consults the mirror every morning, asking who is the fairest of all. As long the Slave always answer that the fairest of all is her, she'll be contented, until one day he spoke that Snow White is now the fairest, making the Queen angry, thus planning the huntsman to kill Snow White, so she would remain the fairest forever. However, the mirror reveals the huntsman didn't kill Snow White and instead the Queen disguises as a peddler and concocts a poison apple to give to Snow White so she would sleep forever, until when her true love Prince Charming came and kisses her.

After the Queen's death, it is unknown whether the mirror has a new master or he is left behind the castle.


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