The Magma Mech is a huge lego robot that is used in the lava level of the mines. Built by Steam Mech.
Magma Mech


The body of the Magma Mech has a cockpit with a barred roof and floodlights, and two water blasters are featured on the front. The drill has one of the Power Miners drill bricks that only is included in that theme, and also is the only set in which it can be received in that colour. The claw can retract right back to rest on the arm, and can also grab lava monsters, but cannot pull them back. The two claw bricks are the same pieces as the blades of the spinning shield from Tahu in his last appearance as a Nuva. There are also small machine guns mounted on the arms. The legs do not have much mobility, but can move where the are joined to the body, and at the ankle. There are two jets on the backs of the legs, much like the Silent Strike from Exo-Force. Steam Mech controls the robot from special fore-shadowing controls in the cockpit


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