was a tactical response to the introduction of the Predacon combiner Tripredacus. He was created as a fusion of the Maximal Imperium, physically combining Prowl's ferocity, Silverbolt's swiftness and Ironhide's strength. Having fought together for eons from their time as Autobots, their spark fusion into a new persona was a rousing success as well. Magnaboss has Prowl's analytic mind, Ironhide's great courage, and Silverbolt's deep compassion. As a leader, he is inspirational, and as a warrior, he has forged a legend that has made him a symbol of Maximal unity and strength. His weapon of choice, the megaton battle sword, is forged from the combination of all the weapons of Magnaboss's component Transformers.  Though he disappeared from public view after the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, a legend has arisen that he will return at a time when the Maximals need him most.


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