List of scenes and quotes used for Dipper & Mabel's Adventures movies

When everyone are introducing themselves to someone new in the movies and TV SeriesEdit

  • My Name is Dipper. (Tourist Trapped)
  • My Name's Mabel. (The Deep End)
  • Names Soos Dude. (Bottomless Pit)

When everyone are looking at each other and/or looking all in confusion or concern and while listening to a story or a songEdit

When everyone say "What?!" after someone says something surpising or shockingEdit

  • Dipper & Mabel (Gideon Rises)

When everyone was amazed by something wonderful, beautiful or has happenedEdit

When (almost) everyone are laughing at something funny that happenedEdit

When everyone is scared and frighten by something horrible or terrifying that is happeningEdit

  • Dipper, Mabel, and Soos: AHHHHH! (Land Before Swine) (before Grunkle Stans joins the team)
  • Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Grunkle Stan: AHHHHHHHHH! (Land Before Swine)

When everyone is running away from something bad and/or horrible is happeningEdit

When everyone are all watching happily when two characters are in love and at the happy ending of the movies and TV SeriesEdit

When everyone is dancingEdit

When everyone is traveling togetherEdit

When everyone is shown asleepEdit

When everyone are feeling and looking sad about something very sad happening, someone special dying or has died or saying goodbye sadly in the movies and TV SeriesEdit


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