Here is how Malfunction and Bee take on Shockwave, Jack kills Oogie, and Santa berates Nighlock and Jack in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(we see Malfunction and Bee coming up to Shockwave)

Shockwave: I had no idea you would have the guts to show up.

Bumblebee: Says the coward.

Major Malfunction: Bee, stop!

Bumblebee: What?

Shockwave: So you think of me as a coward?

Bumblebee: Pretty much.

Major Malfunction: Bee, stop provoking the evil one eyed robot.

Bumblebee: What? He held my friends Cliff and Arcee prisoners once.

Major Malfunction: You know what? We're talking too long, so let's just get this started.

Shockwave: I couldn't agree more.

(they begin their fight)

Major Malfunction:(insults him in Cybertronian)

(Bumblebee then takes a good shot at Shockwave's eye)

Shockwave: Ah!

Major Malfunction: No wonder Optimus chose you to be his scout.

Bumblebee: Thanks.


(we cut to Jack fighting Oogie)

Oogie Boogie: Well come on, Bone Man!

Jack Skellington:(dodges the swords)

Thomas: You won't get away with this.

Oogie Boogie: Fire!

Jack Skellington:(dodges the guns)

(Oogie starts running and gets on a machine, but a thread comes loose)

Oogie Boogie: So long, Jack!

Jack Skellington: How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!(pulls the thread which unstitched his arm)

(He puts it around the machine, and it tears off the cloth hiding the bugs)

Oogie Boogie: Oh, look what you've done! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs! My bugs!

Santa Claus:(steps on the last one)

Nighlock: Nice move.

Jack Skellington: I'm so very sorry about all this.

Santa Claus: Jack, Nighlock, I'm so very disappointed in what you two did.(to Jack) The next time you plan on stealing someone else's holiday, I'd listen to her.(points to Sally) She's the only one who makes sense in this insane asylum. (to Nighlock) And as for you, you need to be more resistant in crisises such as these. You let yourself order the strike.

Nighlock:(stands at attention) Understood sir.

Jack Skellington: I hope there's still time.

Santa Clause: To save Christmas, of course there is. I'm Santa Claus.

(screen goes black)

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