Major Monogram was worried about Perry because he wasn't back from his mission.

Monogram: Carl, Where is Agent P? He's not back from his mission.

Carl: Well, our satellites aren't even picking up his presence, neither Pinky, Peter or Terry.

Monogram: Well that's just great! At least it can't get any worse.

Carl: Well...

Major Monogram: It is isn't? Why did I have to say it?!

Carl: You see, Agent P's owners are missing as well even their Friends.

Monogram: And there it is!

Monogram: Do we ever have any good news! Anyway, we'll sent our agents to look for them. So now we have to do is wait.

Carl: And hope.

Monogram: Yes, and hope.

Carl: And wait.

Monogram: Really Carl, where gonna to do this again?

Carl: Of course not.

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