They went to Potion's Class with Snape

Snape: I was looking at my instructions for my contraption. When all of the sudden I was attacked! I got Knock out! And when I woke up, Somebody who stole my contraption from me.

Ron: Well, you're in luck. We found the culprit. It was the Heartless.

Snape: Hmm? Those creatures again? Ridiculous! This was nothing like a heartless.

And: Not the Heartless, hmm....

Daffy: Who else could it be?

Hermione: I think I have an idea! The Thief must like the Potion's. So... we have to irresistible Potion's about to draw him into a trap.

Snape: And this fool is the same one who stole my contraption?

Hermione: Yes.

Ace: How will we know for sure?

Ron: Well, that's easy! We'll surprise him and captured him!

Wile: Boy...

Ace: What do you say for their plans now?

Harry: Let's get Slughorn here too. We need his help, so we ccan make some Potion's with him.

Minutes later

Slughorn has arrived at Potion's Class

Slughorn: Did you find the Potion's yet?

Harry: Almost.

Ace: We're going to reel in the Thief with Potion's as bait.

Harry: Would you mind if we can make some from you?

Slughorn: Potion's as bait? My word... I don't like the sound of that. 

They look down

Slughorn: Just this once, I suppose. It's for a good cause... All right, let's make some potion. And put some heart in it.

They are making Potion and they finish them

Daffy: All done!

Harry: Not yet.

Wile: There's more?

Harry: Don't worry, me and my friends will think of it.

They went back to Slughorn 

Slughorn: Have you finish the Potion's?

Ace: We did, just waiting for Harry and his friends.

Wile: So, um, where do you think we should leave them?

Slughorn: Of course! I know a spot! Whenever you're ready, just say the word.

Harry: We're back.

Minutes later, they went to the forest

Slughorn: This forest should work well for you plan, Harry. And, Harry... what IS your plan?

Harry: I've got it figured it out.

Slughorn: You do?

Harry: Yes. And I also have a good idea. If we catch the Thief for you, I would be honoured to get some-

Ace shut his mouth

Ace: And for that, we'll be going.

Harry: (muffled) What are you doing? Let me go!

They went to the forest

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