Make Your Own Superhero Day is a new episode.


Everyone decides to make up their own superhero. But Sci-Twi can't think of a superhero name or any superhero powers that she wants. When she goes off on her own to have a think, everyone believes her to be missing. They try to use their made up superpowers to find her but have no luck. Then Sci-Twi figures out what superhero name and powers she could have: Science Girl, a superhero who can fix any problem and invent anything using scientific knowledge.


Thomas' idea

Ryan is showing the Golden King his magic and how he speak using the royal Canterlot voice when he can hear Thomas talking about an idea he had to Twilight and the others about making up their own superheroes. The Golden King agrees and touched Ryan's Cyberman toy stating that Thomas' idea is "Solid gold". Ryan nods and noticed that his Cyberman toy is turned into gold. Ryan then goes to a closet and comes out wearing the Doctor's outfit as "Ryan Who". Thomas places two blue eyes on his head and his buffer beam, puts on a blue cape and puts on a blue mask, calling himself "The All Seeking Eye". Then Matau pops up saying "I'm Matman!" which makes Ryan laugh. The Sunset comes out wearing an electronic suit and calls herself "Sunset Blender" and Ryanset comes as "Dalek Shimmernate". Spencer appears as "The Silver Streamliner". Then the rest of the gang come except Sci-Twi and her friend Sci-Ryan who are unable to think of a good superhero outfits with Sci-Ryan's Dalek friend Ex-Terminator. Sci-Twi tells her two friends that she's going somewhere to think. Sci-Ryan aggress and goes to watch The Swan Princess. Sci-Twi goes to think on her own.

Sci-Twi's gone!/The search for Sci-Twi

Whilst everyone is playing Superheroes, they discover that Sci-Twi is not there and assume her missing. Crash attempts to use his made up super powers while Ryan checks his communicator to find Sci-Twi's life signature. But, unfortunately, Crash has no luck. Thomas uses his made up All Seeking Super Sight to see if he can find Sci-Twi but has no luck either. Sci-Ryan and Ex-Terminator arrive singing "Far Longer Than Forever" and then




  • What Superhero Should I Be (sung by Sci-Twi)
  • Friend Like Me (sung by Sci-Ryan to Sci-Twi)

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