Here is how Making hoofpaints and Washing their hooves go in A Motherly Love.

Princess Yuna: Here are the sheet and paints, Mama.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Yuna. Are you ready for painting, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: I'll take that as a yes.

First, Princess Luna.

Princess Yuna: Wonderful painting, Mama.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Now, Watch how Mama doe it, Isamu.

Princess Luna: (made a solar eclipse painting) Now, Watch your big sister do it, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (gurgling)

Second, Princess Yuna.

Princess Yuna: (painting the night sky) How am I doing, Mama?

Princess Luna: You're doing a wonderful job, Yuna.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: Your turn, Snowdrop.

Third, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: (she cannot see but feel the sheet in front of her)

Princess Yuna: The light blue paint is on your right, Snowdrop.

Princess Luna: See if you can picture some snowflakes.

Snowdrop: Okay. (felt the paint and pictures her own painting)

Princess Yuna: Look how good she's doing, Mama.

Princess Luna: I know, Yuna. She's a natural. Your turn, Isamu.

Fourth, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (drips black paints on the sheet as he makes a shape of the crescent moon on the paper)

Princess Yuna: Look! Isamu is making a crescent moon.

Snowdrop: Amazing.

Princess Luna: Very good Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Princess Yuna: Your turn, Aunt Celestia.

Fifth, Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia: (painting a sunflower) What do you girls think?

Princess Yuna: Cool.

Princess Luna: Very nice work, Sister.

Princess Celestia: Alright, Sharon. Your turn.

Sixth, Sharon.

Princess Sharon: (painting a universe) How am I doing, Celestia?

Princess Celestia: It's beautiful, Sharon. Indy, Anna. See how Mommy and Sharon does it? Let's see you two try it.

Seventh, Indy and Anna.

Prince Indy: (use orange paint)

Princess Anna: (use yellow paint)

Princess Celestia: Look at my babies. They made the sun.

Princess Yuna: Our hooves are a mess. Let's get them washed.

It was hoof washing time.

Princess Luna: (finished washing her hooves) There.

Princess Celestia: (finished washing her hooves) Are you finish yet,Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Just about, Aunt Celestia.

Snowdrop: How do they look, Luna?

Princess Luna: They're all clean enough.

Princess Sharon: (finished washing hers, Isamu's and the twins' hooves) All done.

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