Mako the mako shark engine

Mako is a short-finned mako shark steam train.


Unlike Sharky he is the happy-go-lucky energetic shark engine. He is a very cheery guy and enjoys a good joke. He also has a good sense of humor. But he can help out when he can. The type of shark Mako is a Shortfin Mako shark. Mako also has the ability to submerge underwater. Mako is also Sharky's cousin. He is also a good friend to Pinkie Pie and Charlie. But Mako is a bit more smart than Pinkie Pie. Mako is also known to defies laws of physics, do impossible things, crazy cartoon magic, and use his teeth like make-shift knifes or some other tool. He is also very prone to have his eyes pop out of his head.

But despite his happy-go-lucky side, his shark instincts kick in when one of his best friends is about to be hurt or killed. He also likes reading "Cliff Hanger" books.

Mako also hosts a sing-along songs TV show.



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