Mako's Sing Along Songs is a series hosted by Mako the short finned Mako shark & featuring songs from Thomas & Friends and other shows & movies as well.


Mako starts to host a series featuring songs from many shows and movies related to the subject of each adventure.

List of Songs

Racing Adventures

Geuss starring:

  1. Let's have a Race (Thomas and friends)
  2. It's Racing Day! (Backyardigans "Race Around the World")
  3.  Real Gone (Cars)
  4. Go, Go, Go!  (Backyardigans "Race around the World")
  5. Cruisin' the Dunes (Backyardigans "Surf's Up!)
  6. The Galloping Song (Backyardigans "High Tea")
  7. Life is a Highway (Cars)
  8. The Butterfly Hunt
  9. Come for the Ride
  10. Nothing Can Stop Me Now

High Flying Adventures

Geuss starring: Dusty Crophopper

  1. Fly (Planes)
  2. You Can Fly! (Peter Pan)
  3. Air Force Song
  4. I Am Not Afraid
  5. City of Light
  6. I Believe I Can Fly
  7. Tomorrow Is Another Day
  8. You Don't Stop NYC
  9. The Traveling Song
  10. Fly

Adventure is a Wonderful Thing


Halloween Treats

Geuss starring:

  1. This is Halloween

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Holiday Treats


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