This is how Makuta captures Celestia and Luna goes in

[In the Shadow Realm, two Shadow Warriors bring Celestia before Makuta]

Makuta: They said it couldn't be done. The Princess of the Sun is too quick, too stealthy to be captured.

[Makuta cups her chin and tilts her head up and Celestia growls]

Makuta: Well here you are with a rare opportunity to make history.

[He lets go and Celestia glares]

Makuta: You see, I have intercepted this encrypted signal. And if it's encrypted, it must be important. Decode it for me and I will see to it that you remain alive.

Princess Celestia: You won't get away with this.

Makuta: Speak up. I can't hear you when you whimper.

Princess Celestia: [a bit louder] I said you won't get away with this.

Makuta: [gasps then laughs] Perhaps you will be more inclined to operate when it's not your own wellbeing at stake.

[He leaves]

[Two more Shadow Warriors appear]

Princess Luna: Don't worry, we'll get out of this somehow.

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