This is how Makuta helps out Unicron and Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone) goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

Makuta: You will make a fine test subject on this new power of Dark Energon, my dear Cadance, or should I say Princess Mi Amore Cadenza?

Princess Cadance: You won't get away with this!

[Teridax then knocks out Princess Cadance and lifts up her unconscious head to continue explaining his plan]

Makuta: Oh. I already have.

[Teridax watches Unicron come and transform]

Makuta: Unicron.

Unicron: Makuta Teridax, you have arrived.

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): My partner here wishes to speak with you.

Makuta: I would be honored.

[They go into a small room]

Makuta: I've been creating more Dark Energon in your absence Unicron to help you create as many Terrorcons as you want, my dark lord of the un-dead. I have even created a new power for your lifeblood: mind control. With it, he or she will obey your every order. And I have the perfect being to test it on, Lord Unicron. [Teridax's Rahkshi bring out Princess Cadance] Consider her a "Welcome back" present for you, Unicron.

[Unicron approaches Princess Cadance with the Dark Energon shard Makuta gave him]

Unicron: Let us see if this new power of my lifeblood can force Princess Twilight's sister-in-law to obey my every order.

[Unicron then plunges the shard in Princess Cadance's horn, which glows and enters Princess Cadance's horn and Princess Cadance's eyes turn purple and pupil-less]

Ryvine Sparkle: Wow.

Princess Cadance: I will obey your every order, Lord Unicron.

Unicron: Good.

[after Unicron, Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone), and Ryvine Sparkle leave]

Makuta: [talking to the statue of his brother, Mata Nui] Cybertron shudders, my brother. The Autobots have succeeded in restoring Cybertron. Again the enemies of the Decepticons oppose my will. Must I release those who should never see the light of day? I must help Unicron destroy Primus. [to Lerahk, Guurahk, and Panrahk] The Unity can be poisoned. The Duty will be broken. The Destiny I must shatter. [to Kurahk, Vorahk, and Turahk] Anger amongst them will threaten the precious Unity. Hunger will consume the Duty. And fear will keep them from the Destiny. Go my sons, use the shadows and help Unicron destroy Primus.

[They leave]


Ryan F-Freeman:Thomas. I hope Twilight and I could be in the next film after Thomas and Friends: Oylimpics Special.

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