This is how Makuta returns goes in Bionicle: Friendship is Magic.


The Council: In just a few moments, our town will witness the sun rise and celebrate this, the longest day of the year! And now, it is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very one who gives us sunlight each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Okoto...

Kopaka: Ready?

[Pohatu raises the curtains]

The Council: ...Ekimu!

[Nothing happens]

Pohatu: Huh?

[Tahu looks at the shadow on the moon and it vanishes]

Tahu: This can't be good.

The Council: Remain calm, everyone, there must be a reasonable explanation!

Lewa: Ooh, ooh, I love guessing games! Is he hiding?

Pohatu: He's gone!

[The crowd gasps]

Lewa: Ooh, he's good. [yelp]

[A purple liquid forms on the platform above]

Tahu: Oh no...

[The liquid forms the body of Makuta]

Tahu: Makuta!

[Takanuva backs away]

Makuta: Oh, my beloved fellow Okotans. It's been so long since I've seen your precious, little light-loving faces.

Gali: What did you do with our Mask Maker?!

[Gali goes to attack Makuta when she is grabbed by Onua with his mouth]

Onua: [muffled] Whoa there, Nelly...

Makuta: [chuckle] Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?

Lewa: Ooh, ooh, more guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... King Red Eyes! No! Black Star, Black Star!

[Onua puts an apple in his mouth]

[Makuta chuckles]

Makuta: Does my image no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?

Tahu: I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mask Maker in the Moon – Makuta!

[The crowd murmurs]

Makuta: Well well well, someone who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here.

Tahu: You're here to... to... [gulp]

Makuta: [chuckle] Remember this day, little Okotoians, for it was your last. From this moment forth, darkness will last forever!

[He laughs evilly as thunder crackles around him]

[Tahu looks on in terror]

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