This is how Makuta uses the Cortical Pyschic Patch on Cadance goes in The Storm of Dark Friendship.


[Makuta puts one end of the patch on his head]

[Makuta approaches Cadance with the patch]

Princess Cadance: What are you doing?

Twilight Sparkle: Leave her alone.

Makuta: Don't worry. If her mind doesn't survive, you will be next.

[He places it on Cadance's horn]

[Umarak returns]

[He approaches the princesses]

[He sees the code on the screen]

Umarak the Hunter: Ah, the code.

[Princess Cadance looks at Twilight and nods]

[Twilight smiles]

Twilight Sparkle: Is it me or have the spikes on the tips of your horns grown?

Umarak the Hunter: Quiet! I'm trying to listen.

[He continues listening]

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