This is how Makuta vs. Skull Grinder and Atta heals Flik goes in F.L.I.K..


[Skull Grinder presses the button and the Holo-Detector starts going down]

[Flik struggles to hold it up]

[Skull Grinder sees this]

Skull Grinder: No.

[Skull Grinder presses the button again]

[Flik tries to hold up the Holo-Detector]

Princess Atta: [worried] Flik.

[Flik uses his strength to hold up the Holo-Detector]

[Meanwhile, Makuta watches Skull Grinder press the button again]

Makuta: No!

[Flik struggles to hold it up but gets squashed underneath]

[Princess Atta and the Okotans gasp in horror]

Princess Atta: Flik, no!

[Makuta looks at Skull Grinder and then gets up and slowly makes his way towards Skull Grinder and attacks him from behind]

Makuta: Skull Grinder.

[Skull Grinder turns around to see Makuta and brings out his Mask Stealer axe and they fight]

[Meanwhile, Atta tries free Flik]

Princess Atta: Flik.

[Skull Grinder tries to shock Makuta with his Mask Stealer axe, but Makuta dodges. Makuta then sees something in Skull Grinder's side]

Makuta: [gasps]

[Makuta puts on grim determination]

Makuta: Skull Grinder, you are relieve of duty.

[Makuta presses the button on his side]

Skull Grinder: No...

[He shuts down and the ship is turned right side up]

[Atta goes over to free Flik]

Princess Atta: Plant! Plant!

[Von Ness searches around]

[Von Ness finds the plant]

Princess Atta: Plant!

[Von Ness holds up the plant]

Von Ness: Atta!

[It is tossed to Atta who puts it in the Holo-Detector]

Computer: Plant origin verified.

[It raises and Flik, unconscious, falls out]

Princess Atta: [gasps] [hugs him] Flik.

Computer: Course set for Earth.

[Atta tries to shake Flik awake]

Princess Atta: Flik. Flik!

[She keeps trying but to no avail]

Princess Atta: [crying] No. No. Flik!

[Von Ness, Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Rocka look on in dismay]

[Atta gets out, holding Flik in her arms. Hal, Flik's pet firefly, lands on his master's arm and looks worried]

Princess Atta: Flik.

[She flies off with him]

Von Ness: Atta!

[Von Ness, Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Rocka follow]

[At Flik's house, Atta fixes him up and blasts a hole in the ceiling]

[Flik stands and wakes up]

Princess Atta: [relieve] Flik. [holds out her hand]

[Flik doesn't move]

Princess Atta: Come on.

[But Flik doesn't take it]

[Atta hands him a lightbulb and a rubix cube]

Princess Atta: Flik.

[Flik looks at the lightbulb and then at his collection of stuff. Atta then puts on a song, but turns around to see Flik compacting cubes in trash compactor. Flik then leaves to compact more cubes]

Princess Atta: Flik?

[He steps on Hal on his way out but he jumps back to life]

[Atta looks out after Flik]

Princess Atta: No. No. [follows him]

[Flik is compacting cubes when Atta comes up]

[Atta holds him]

Princess Atta: Flik. [shakes him] Flik! [shakes him again] Flik!

[There is still no sign of rememberance]

[Atta, sad at this, then puts her hand in Flik's hand and hums a song before kissing him]

[Atta then prepares to pull away when she realizes her hand is stuck. She looks into his eyes but there's still no memory of her. Atta is once again sad when she feels Flik's fingers move]

[Flik's fingers move a bit]

[Atta looks at him]

[Flik blinks and clasps her hand in his]

Flik: Atta?

Princess Atta: [surprised] Flik.

[Flik realizes who she is]

Flik: Atta!

Princess Atta: Flik!

[They share a hug]

[Atta and Flik laugh]

[Von Ness, Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Rocka arrive]

Von Ness: Flik!

[Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Rocka watch the moment]

Von Ness: Go, go, go. Go, go!

[Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Rocka are driven away by Von Ness. Rocka tries to look at the moment, but Von Ness pushes him away. Flik and Atta kiss]

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