This is Mal's appearence goes in The Rise of Dark Ryan F-Freeman.

[Mike wakes up, tied to a tree]

Mike(Total Drama): Uh. Where am I?

Kaos: Wakey-wakey.

Mike(Total Drama): Billy? Is that you?

Kaos: Who are you calling Billy?

Mike (Total Drama): [shakes the dizziness off] Wait a minuet! Kaos?

Kaos: Yes. It is I, Kaos.

Kylo Ren: What are you doing tied to a tree?

Mike (Total Drama): Ben? I don't know.

Kaos: Why are you calling us that?

Kylo Ren: My name is Kylo Ren.

Mike (Total Drama): Why did Mal knock me out?

Kylo Ren: I think that Mal will tell you.

Mike (Total Drama): Where is he?

Kaos: He's here. With us.

[Mike looks around and finds Mal in front of him]

Mike (Total Drama): Mal! I thought Ryan knocked you out.

Mal: Not exactly, Mike. I'm the one who knocked you out.

Mike (Total Drama): Who did you knock out?

Mal: You.

Kaos: Wait. Me?

Mal: No. Not you, Kaos. Mike.

Mike (Total Drama): Me? What did I do?

Mal: I knocked you out.

Evil Ryan: He's right. And Kylo Ren has got something he likes to show you.

[Kylo Ren holds up Sci-Twi's amulet]

Adagio Dazzle: Is this looks familiar to you, Mike?

Mike (Total Drama): Uh, sorta.

Mal: Can you tell Mike what is it, Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren: This is Sci-Twi's amulet.

Mike (Total Drama): That's the same device Sci-Twi has. Where did you find it?

Kylo Ren: In her lab.

Kaos: This will be the key to Ryan's body and Mal's revenge.

[Mal gets sucked into the amulet]

Mike (Total Drama): What's going to happen to Mal, Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren: He's going to enter Ryan's body.

Mike (Total Drama): And then what will happen?

Kylo Ren: He will turn Ryan into a Midnight Sparkle version of himself.

Mike (Total Drama): A Midnight Sparkle version of Ryan!?

Kylo Ren: Yes.

Mike (Total Drama): Those are innocent people you're gonna make him mess with. You have to stop!

Kaos: Too late, Mike. When Mal is in control of Ryan's body he'll rule Equestria.

Mal: And why? Cause we're just getting started.

Mike (Total Drama): Mal? Where are you?

Mal: In here.

Mike (Total Drama): Mal? What are you doing in Sci-Twi's amulet?

Mal: Because, it is the door to Ryan's body. And once I'm inside, I will rule over all those that you ever cared about.

Mike (Total Drama): What world did Kaos just say?

Mal: Equestria. Also, all those you ever cared about. Including Zoey.

Mike (Total Drama):[gasp] Is Ryan going to transform once you're in his body?

Mal: Yes.

Mike (Total Drama): That's not going to happen. Look over there.

Mal: Hah! Like I'm ever going to do that.

Mike (Total Drama): Not you. Kaos and Kylo Ren.

[Kaos and Kylo Ren look up]

Mike: Jessica Fairbrother!

Jessica Fairbrother: Let Mike go, Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren: Jessica Fairbrother. We meet again.

Kaos: We will let Mike go only if you give yourself up.

Jessica Fairbrother: I didn't come alone.[activates her lightsaber and the blade is pink]

Kylo Ren: Whatever.

Kaos: Pink lightsaber? Nice, Jessica.

[Jessica and Kylo Ren get into a lightsaber fight]

Jessica Fairbrother: Thanks for noticing, Kaos.[to Kylo Ren] I won't let you turn my grandfather into a Midnight Sparkle version of himself.

Mal: That's what I'm going to do, Jessica.

Jessica Fairbrother: Mal? What are you doing in Sci-Twi's amulet?

Mal: Maybe, we'll have Kylo Ren tell you about it.

Kaos: Indeed, Kylo Ren, tell her.

Kylo Ren: This amulet is the key to your grandfather's body and once Mal is inside, he will rule Equestria and all those that you and Mike ever cared about.

Jessica Fairbrother: And what will happen to Sci-Twi?

Kylo Ren: She'll become Midnight Sparkle.

Jessica Fairbrother: Midnight Sparkle!?

Kylo Ren: Like she did in the Friendship Games movie.

Jessica Fairbrother: Cool. And what will happen to my grandfather when Mal gets in his body?

Kylo Ren: He'll turn into a Midnight Sparkle version of himself.

Jessica Fairbrother: [gasps] Mike, stay there. I'll hold him off.

Mike (Total Drama): Ok, Jessica. Look! There's Zoey.

Jessica Fairbrother: Where?

Zoey(Total Drama): I'm here!

[Kaos clicks his fingers and Mike disappears]

Jessica Fairbrother: What the? Where did Mike go??

Kaos: I sent him somewhere Zoey will never find him.

Jessica Fairbrother: Zoey, go find the others!

Zoey(Total Drama): Okay.

[Zoey runs off]

Mal: That'll teach her.

Jessica Fairbrother: I'll show you!

[Meanwhile, Mike appears in a cave]

Mike(Total Drama): Wow! Where am I?

[Mike looks down and sees that he is tied to a rope dangling over a pit of boiling hot lava]

Mike(Total Drama): Oh. I hanging over lava. Deadly, hot, LAVA!!!

[A huge bubble of lava rises towards Mike but explodes before it can]

Mike(Total Drama): [sighs] I hope Zoey will bring some help soon.

[Mike then travels to his subconscious]

Mike(Total Drama): Where am I?

Vito: Eh-yo! We're all in your flipping mind!

Mike(Total Drama): Wow! We're inside my head?

Chester: Its his subconscious, ya salamy head.

Mike: Thanks for telling me, Chester.

Svetlana: What's wrong this time?

Mike: It's Mal. and with him. Kylo Ren and Kaos.

Manitoba Smith: Well, he'll have to go through us before he gets to that cyborg friend of yours.

Mike: You mean Ryan? Yes.

Chester: There's just one problem that lava beneath us.

Mike: I can see that below, Chester.

Vito: Eh-yo! So, how are we gonna escape?

Mike: I hope we'll wait for Zoey to rescue me.

Svetlana: But we need to get out of here.

Mike: Right, Svetlana. I hope.

Manitoba Smith: Hey, don't be in such low spirits. We can help ya.

Mike: Why Mal is angry? Because he got his pendant brock?

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