This is how Mal captures Mike goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Barbie: The Fairy Secret.

[Mike wakes up groaning]

Prince Can: Where are we?

[A sinister laugh, with a voice like Mike's only deeper, comes out of nowhere]

Prince Can: Makuta? We beaten you and you're back? Again? Oh well. Don't think we'll go easy on..

Mal: Oh. That wasn't Makuta, pal.

Mike: Ryan?

Mal: [comes out from the shadows] Guess who.

Prince Can: Mal? MAL!?

Mike: Yes. He's the one who kept me prison inside my own subconscious.

Prince Can: He's the same guy who possessed Ryan's body and become... What was he again?

Mike: Dark Ryan F-Freeman.

Prince Can: Ok, Mal. What happened to my love Graciella?

Mal: You don't get it, do you. Crystal put her under a love potion spell so that she would fall in love with someone else and not you.

Mike: What?!

Prince Can: [gasps] Mata Nui.

Mike: What about him?

Prince Can: I just like saying his name for something happens. [to Mal] What happens if Ryan drinks the love potion?

Mal: Then he'll fall in love with a bad guy to answer your question. Anyway, I'm her apprentice.

Prince Can:[laughs] Do you think he fall in love with Bad Sofia?

[Mal slaps himself]

Prince Can: Sorry. Which bad guy will Ryan fall in love?

Mal: Duh. Bad Sofia. Anyway, Crystal has made me her personal apprentice.

Prince Can: You know Matau T. Monkey is Ryan's apprentice? I'll never tell about OpThomas Prime!

Mal: [scoffs] Anyway, let's just say I'm here to deal with Mike.

Prince Can: What type of deal?

Mal: [groans] Not as in a deal. As in, finishing what I started all those years before.

Prince Can: What is it, then?

Mal: You remember when I last took control of your body, Mike?

Mike: Uhh. No. But Ryan took control of the body of Makuta Teridax, Evil Cody's master.

Mal: Well, I'm gonna pretend to be you. [flips his hair up so that he looks like Mike]

Prince Can: How you know about Makuta?

Mal: Read the Bionicle legend.

Mike: That's cool, Mal. Why would Makuta want to have Sunset on his side?

[Mal holds a sign that say "Because he wants her past to be today!"]

Prince Can: Oh no! But Ryan faced Makuta and merged into Ryankuta.

Mal: Ryankuta?!

Mike: Ryan with Makuta's body.

Prince Can: Ryankuta is awesome!

[Mal takes the Love Potion]

Mike: Whoa. What is that?

Mal: The love potion Crystal used.

Prince Can: What you think Ryan will do? Drink it like my wife did?

[Mal nods then suddenly Prince Can gets a vision of Ryan drinking the Love Potion]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan? How you feel?

[Ryan nods and his eyes glow purple]

Crash Bandicoot: Ryan? Yoo-hoo! Ryan?

Meg Griffin: Are you ok, Ryan. You don't look so good.[puts her hand on Ryan's shoulder]

[Ryan nods and looks at Bad Sofia]

Cody Fairbrother: Why are your eyes purple?[pulls Ryan to look at Meg Griffin] C'mon, bro. You seeing things.

Ryan F-Freeman: No, I'm not. [to Bad Sofia] Bad Sofia, you are so good looking.

Captain Hook: Wha? Nonsense, Ryan. You imagining things. For the first time: Meg's love, for you, is in your heart and circuits.

[Ryan shakes Hook off him]

Captain Hook: Ryan! Remember Meg! She's your love!

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? Meg Griffin's your love, not that Sofia clone.

[Sofia the Worst gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: No. Sci-Ryan. I'm.... I'm in love with Bad Sofia.

Sci-Ryan: I don't have to get crazy on you, but I will. Meg is your love!!

Ryan F-Freeman: No! Bad Sofia is my crush now.

Meg Griffin: But, Ryan. I'm your crush.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry, Meg. But those days are over. Bad Sofia is the one whom I love most of all.

Rigby: Ryan! You must remember Meg.

[Ryan shakes his head and the vision ends]

Prince Can: Wow! That was weird.

Mal: Anyway, Mike. I can be and do anything I want. Which just brought me to an idea. [flips his hair up] I could be you.

Mike: Really? [to Prince Can] What vision did you see, Can?

Prince Can: I'll have to tell my daughter and Ryan later.

Mike: Ok, Can.[to Mal] What are you going to do with the love potion?

[Mal holds a sign that says "I plan to give it to Ryan as Mike so he can become the boyfriend of Bad Sofia once and for all."]

Prince Can: Wow. I think I might call her Sofia the Worst.

Mal: That was her name. But I prefer to call her Bad Sofia.

Mike: Bad Sofia. Sofia the Worst.[in Sunset's voice] Whatever. That's just a minor set back for the real Sofia.

Prince Can: What will happen to Ryan after he become the boyfriend of Sofia the Worst?

Mal: She will finally get the husband she's been dreaming of.

[Prince Can runs into a portal screaming "RYAN!!!"]

Mal: Good luck getting out, Mike. You're gonna need it.

Mike: Well, you made Can crack anyway.

Mal: But still, [imitating Mike's voice] staying here won't be that bad.

Mike: The Cyberlings will get Crystal for this!!

Mal: Or will they?

Mike: Huh?? Are they with the Dazzlings?

Mal: See for yourself. [creates an image]

Mike:[gasps] Adagio!!! Aria!!! Sonata!!!

[Adagio looks at the button and picks up Mike's Keyblade]

Sonata Dusk: What's that, sis?

Adagio Dazzle:

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