Bumblebee: What are you doing?

Mal: I'm going to get help.

Bumblebee: You trick me!?

Mal: Bye. Flian never forgive me.

He went to the Portal and Bumblebee look so stupid

Bumblebee: I must be out of my mind.

Optimus: Yeah, you are.

Bumblebee: Optimus Prime. Why is Ryan got darkness in him?

Optimus: Because of Vortech. He made his heart feel with angry and rage, and his light are gone. That mean he only has is Darkness.

Bumblebee: Well, is there anyway we could help him?

Optimus: The only way to get his light back, is to defeated Lord Vortech and get his light back, and then the Darkness will go away inside his heart making not having his dark powers. And he'll only have is Light powers.

Bumblebee: So.. you mean his dark powers will be gone forever? And in Middle Earth, Rianna got scared of what Ryan became.

Optimus: Yes. I think it's because, in order to fight Vortech and get ready for his final battle, Ryan will have to emerse himself in the darkness and when he did, his friends saw what become of him. Including Sora. When Alvin arrive here, Ryan was introdusing himself as Ansem.

Bumblebee: I hope Sora could help us when we fetch him. Remember? The worlds are made of light and darkness. Ryan can't have one without the other. Because darkness is half of everything. So, will Ryan be able to recover once he is back to normal?

Optimus: Yes. Come, Bee. Let us finish... what Ryan started.

They went off

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