This is how Mal and Ryan meets the medivals goes in Ryan's and Mal's Mixle Mirror Magic.

[Ryan and Mal enter into Planet Mixel]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa! Mike?

Mal: Hey, you okay?

Ryan F-Freeman: Mal? You know I am the Prime-Prince. Wait. Are you a Mixle?

Mal: Well, yeah.

[Ryan looks in a mirror to see that he is in a form of a samurai Mixle]

Ryan F-Freeman: (Screams) I'm a Mixel?!

Mal: Yes, Kinda look like a mixel?

[Ryan F-Freeman Calms himself down]

Ryan F-Freeman: What... does the rest of me look like?

Mal: A Real Mixel.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm a Mixel?! Cool. It would be fine if Flain saw me as a... a....

Mal: Swan?

[Then some 3 new mixels appear)

Ryan F-Freeman: [summons his Keyblade] Who goes there? Flain, Is that you?

Camillot: Guys, what are you doing here?

Ryan F-Freeman: Flain?

Mixadel: Me, Flain?

Paladum: Oh he's not there.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you? I am Ryan. Prime-prince of Friendship and student of Princess Celestia and Primus.

Camillot: Oh, We're the Medivals, He wanted me to give you this.

[He gives a new Journel book]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. How did you get reformed?

Mixadel: We debuted remember?

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Flain told me about his time travel loop thing.

Paladum: Yep in Sci-Ryan's And Clay's Time Travel Adventure.

Mal: I see why.

Camillot: Jestro reformed in NEXO Knights.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's good then.

Mixadel: But, he gone evil again.

Mal: That's very bummer.

Camillot: He wanted to give it to you herself, but then he and his friends were called away to solve a friendship problem. That happens a lot around here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Same thing for my friend. OpThomas Prime. So. You think Mal could let you come along with us?

Mixadel: Sure thing!

Ryan F-Freeman: Mal? You think your friends are at the Mall?

Mal: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Mixadel? You think Flain would know you want to go?

Camillot: Yeah, Well, I don't know for sure that he wouldn't be okay with it.

Mal: That's not a particularly compelling argument.

Mixadel: He wants me to learn as much as I can about friendship. And I'm not learning a whole lot just hanging out here in their city.

Ryan F-Freeman: You can learn from me. Flain did tell me about you before going on his mission.

Paladum: Well, I haven't ever seen you in that world. So chances are you aren't gonna run into yourself.

Camillot: something you don't hear everyday.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know. But, lay low. You don't want to draw....

Mixadel: That's very bummer.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. At least I got a Keyblade. Plus, I remember I got turned into Dark Ryan. [to Mal] The Black Infernite mishap is not the same like the Midnight Sparkle incident.

Mal: Yeah, It was a big mess up disaster at the Friendship Games.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Let's go. [walks into the mirror]

Mal: Hey, Medivals, Why don't you come along and help them?

[They agree and follow Ryan]

Mal: It's a yes then.

[He go to CHS]

Paladum: Uhhh. Ryan? What happened?

Ryan F-Freeman: You ok, buds?

Camillot: What happened to you?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm in my EG form. I know it is wired at first, but, try to roll with it. Trust me.

Mal: It's all pretty weird at first, but try to roll with it. [to "Tom (Total Drama)"] Hi!

Ryan F-Freeman: That’s what I said. Say. If Black Infernite Max is still a part of Flain, he could be haunted by the fear of him. Forever.

Camillot: Listen, Flain did successfully conquer his fear, so no worries.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hmm. [puts his hand on Mal's hand and his eyes turn white]

[Flashback to the Friendship Games]

Ryan F-Freeman: Flain! You cannot do this!

Black Infernite Max: Why not? There is a world out there and it's filled with Power!

Ryan F-Freeman: But, you're destroying this world to get it!

Black Infernite Max: So what? There's more power there. And I will understand it all!

[Flashback ends and Ryan's eyes turn to normal]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. I think Flain mastered his magic.

Mixadel: Are these?

Mal: Hands.

Ryan F-Freeman: And before you ask, those are feet. [to Mal] I am glad that Flain mastered his magic inside him. But, as a friend, Flain told me about the Evil Curse before he goes to camp.

Mal: He seems to have nightmares about him, But don't worry, I helped him conquer his fears.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. I just have some of Sunset's powers to see memories. Besides, if he comes back as a part of me, that would make Black Ryan Max.


Ryan F-Freeman: I mean, I did see Flain as a demon.

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