This is how Man returns, Forest fight, and Bambi vs. Dogs goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Bambi.

[At night, Bambi and Faline are in a spot, asleep together]

[Bambi wakes up, having smelled something. He gets up, careful to not wake up Faline. He goes to investigate the smell]

[Ryan hears something]

[Crash sees something]

[Kuryan looks around]

[They see a view from a cliff]

Ryan Tokisaki: Look at the view.

Umarak the Hunter: You can see everything from up here. Your team, Man's camp, a Lava Beast, a Storm Beast, and a Quake Beast beating up a hunter.

[The heroes look down the cliff to see Man's camp. Suddenly, the Great Prince appears]

Great Prince of the Forest: It is Man. He is here again. There are many this time. We must go deep into the forest. Hurry, follow me.

[Our heroes do]

[Bambi stops]

Bambi: Faline.

[Bambi goes back to search for Faline]

[Crows start cawing]

[The cawing wakes up Faline and she sees Bambi is gone. She looks around]

Faline: Bambi? Bambi, where are you? [gets up] Bambi! [looks around, goes into the forest] Bambi!

[Bambi arrives only to find Faline gone]

Bambi: Faline? Faline! [goes into the forest to find her] Faline!

[The cawing wakes up the other animals and they flee]

[Kuryan sees some birds running]

Pheasant #1: Listen. He's coming.

Pheasant #2: Hush. Be quiet.

Pheasant #1: He's coming closer.

Pheasant #3: Be calm. Don't get excited.

Pheasant #1: We better fly.

Pheasant #2: No. No, don't fly. Whatever you do, don't fly.

Pheasant #1: He's almost here. I can't stand it any longer!

[The pheasant flies up and gets shot by Man]

[Kuryan gasps and growls at Man]

Kuryan: Now, he is gonna pay for it. [summons his Keyblade]

[Umarak brings out his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter]

Umarak the Hunter: Brother, let me help you.

[Ryan Tokisaki charges while Umarak fires his bow at the hunters. The sound of clanging metal and gun firing is heard]

[Elsewhere, Faline is looking for her lover]

Faline: Bambi! Bambi!

[Kuryan spins around and trips a hunter and kills him]

[Crash pulls his Keyblade out and swings it at a hunter]

[Three hunters flee]

[Umarak fires his bow at the fleeing hunters and kills them]

[Kuryan lets out a Mighty Eagle battle cry]

[Elsewhere, Bambi looks for his beloved]

Bambi: Faline!

[Bambi runs to find Faline]

[Meanwhile, Matau sees some dogs]

[Kuryan pulls out his gun and shoots a hunter]

[Umarak fist pumps]

[Meanwhile, Faline runs into hunting dogs and they chase her to mountain where she becomes trap on the top from the dogs below]

Faline: Bambi!

[Bambi reaches the mountains and hears Faline]

Faline: Bambi!

[Bambi rushes to save her]

[Bambi fights the dogs and they are defeated]

Bambi: Quick, Faline, jump!

[Faline and Bambi jump and fall in the water]

[Kuryan sighs]

[Umarak sees Man about to shoot Bambi and shoots him in the shoulder]

Umarak the Hunter: You want Bambi, then you will fight me and my brother, Ryan Tokisaki.

[Umarak keeps shooting at Man]

[Kuryan hits a hunter with his Keyblade]

Ryan Tokisaki: Now, it's on like Donkey Kong.

[Back at Man's camp, a fire breaks out and starts a wildfire in the forest]

[Evil Ryan stabs a hunter with his Lightsaber and take his gun]

[The wildfire continues to spred]

Ryan Tokisaki: We need to get away from that fire!

Evil Ryan: I know. Kuryan, Umarak, jump on me! [transforms to jet mode]

[Umarak and Kuryan cling on to Evil Ryan's wings and he jets off to safety]

[Umarak sees Bambi in danger down below]

Umarak the Hunter: Bambi!

[Umarak lets go of Evil Ryan]

Ryan Tokisaki: Wait, brother! Navajoe! [lets go of Evil Ryan]

[Kuryan ponies up and grabs Umarak then flys towards Bambi]

[Umarak grabs Bambi and Kuryan carries them to safety]

Ryan Tokisaki: You are safe, Bambi.

Bambi: Thanks, Kuryan and Umarak for saving me.

Umarak the Hunter: I still got one thing left to do.

[Kuryan lets go of Umarak]

[Umarak finds Man, the last hunter in the forest, and kills him, avenging all the animals he killed]

Umarak the Hunter: I rise, you fall.

[Kuryan smiles and lands on the ground]

Ryan Tokisaki: Here you go, Bambi. I hope your future is a good one.

[Bambi nods and uncovers something on the ground and Kuryan picks up to see two Elements of Harmony, one that has Umarak's mask and the other a Crystal version of Kurumi's face]

Evil Ryan: [transforms back to himself] Are those Elements of Harmony?

Crash Bandicoot: Yes. Like the one I earned.

[They escape the wildfire and to a small area in the lake]

[Bambi looks for Faline]

[Faline gasps]

Faline: Bambi.

[Bambi goes over to Faline and the nuzzle each other as they reunite]

[Umarak sighs happily and hugs Kuryan]

Ryan Tokisaki: You see, brother? When Man risk everything to get Bambi, he could end up with nothing. That is why my creator do not risk anything. And one thing. Here is an award. [shows Umarak his Element of Harmony]

Umarak: My own Element of Harmony? Where was it?

[Kuryan points at the spot where Bambi found them]


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