Here's how Manaphy's goodbye goes in Little Bear's Adventures of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

[We then see something hoping out of the water, and then out comes the surface is Manaphy]

Manaphy: Mana!

Rainbow Dash: Look there!

May: Huh?

Manaphy: Mana! Mana!

May: Manaphy?! [she climbs down the ladder]

[Soon Manaphy jumps out of the water and into May's arms]

Manaphy: Love you.

May: I'm so proud of you, and all that you've done.

Manaphy: Mana!

May: You won't forgive me, will you?

Manaphy: Love you, May!

May: [gasps] Goodbye, love you.

Manaphy: Love you, Mama. Love you, May.

[May looks at Manaphy tearfully happy at Manaphy]

Little Bear: Manaphy, wait! We just wanna tell you that you we're a great friend. And we appreciated you.

Manaphy: Goodbye, Little Bear. And your friends, too.

Cat: Now, I know I got a heart for Water-type Pokémon like you, Manaphy. Because I can hear it breaking.

Manaphy: Phy! [jumps out of May's arms] Mana, Mana! [lands in the water and splashed away]

Ash: I'm gonna miss Manaphy.

Brock: Yeah.

Duck: Me too.

Hen: I think he's the best Legendary Pokémon we've met by far.

Pikachu: Pika.

Max: May, are you alright?

May: No, I'm not all right. But I will be.

[Soon it goes out into the ocean where Manaphy returns to Samiya and it fades out to black. And ends with "My Heart Will Go On"]