Mandy (Totally Spies)
is an antagonist in the Totally Spies series. She is Sam, Clover, and Alex's main rival and attempts to make their lives miserable. She often calls the girls, "losers", and is considered spoiled, bratty, obnoxious, and annoying to the girls. Her theme color is magenta or fuchisa.


Being a model of the "popular teenager" stereotype (in her own opinion), she is shown to be stylish, popular, and pretty (at least in her own opinion) but is also bratty, materialistic, snobbish, egocentric, arrogant, cruel and downright maleficent. She apparently may have inherited these negative traits from her mother, Phoebe. Her father is never seen, but he's mentioned in the series (and it is also implied that her parents are in fact married). She has a high, squeaky voice with a nasal laugh. However, Mandy does actually have a nicer side to her personality, but whenever she becomes nice to people, it never lasts long and she goes back to being mean and selfish if she is provoked in one way or another.

Physical Appearence

She has black hair, violet eyes, and fairly tan skin. Her primary outfit is a red dress under a white long sleeve button shirt and white boots. Her primary outfit is been slightly altered like Clover's primary outfit.