The way Marble Cake's welcoming party goes in New Cake in Ponyville.

At the Sugar Cube Corner.

Marble Cake: Where is everypony?

Pinkie Pie: Surprise!

Shining Armor: Welcome to your new home, Marble Cake.

Princess Cadance: This is where you belong.

Wallace: We're glad to have you with us, Lad.

Gromit: (nods)

Discord: Here, Marble, A picture of your parents, Take it as a sign of our friendship.

Marble Cake: Thanks, Discord.

Princess Celestia: Remember this, Marble Cake, You'll have new friends to make on your own.

Marble Cake: Oh, Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!

Princess Luna: We're pleased that you're able to make new friends here in Ponyville.

Marble Cake: Your Majesties, Will you give my parents my message? (hands his massage to the princesses)

Princess Celestia: Of course.

Marble Cake: Best day ever!

                                                                            The End

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