Marcus "Marc" Clark is 12 (13 in season 2) years old and he is the smartest one in the group- and WOOHP as proven in episode WOOCSI-, much like Sam. His intellectuality is sometimes considered freaky by his siblings. He calls himself the 'Family Geek'. He has the knowledge of every single subject known to man, but -like most geeks- cannot get a date. He likes to fiddle around with the gadgets and change their functions. Marc tries to hide his sensitive nature from his brothers most of the time but, never from his sister, Megan, who is also his fraternal twin. Spy Outfit: While in his spy suit, Marc's suit and MPCom are blue.


Marcus "Marc" Clark


Marc is the smartest sibling on the team and is the 'family geek'. He also seems to be very sensitive, but tries to hide it from his brothers and almost everyone else. Marc is the smartest of WOOHP and his siblings, and even brags deeply about it to his siblings much of their annoyance. But, he also admitted that he really needs them in his life, except when Tony messes up his room, Megan hogs the bathroom, and Lee gives him atomic wedgies.


Normal Look: When at school or at home, Marc wears a white long sleeve shirt under a blue half-sleeved hoodie, tan cargo pants, and blue sneakers. In both spy mode and normally, he has semi-long light brown hair and hazel eyes.


As he is a genius, Marc is very talented when it comes to thinking and figuring out puzzles. When Lee isn't present, he is usually the one to fly the jet, though this role is sometimes taken by Megan. His intelligence can be used in any type of situation, though he is very practical and never just jumps into something without thinking. Though he is very smart, sometimes he can be clueless.


Marc has several things that can make him seem weak. For instance, he gets violently sea sick. He also has a fear of clowns and heights, though he conquered them both later on.


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