MarineDevimon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise, an evil sea-beastoid Digimon. Contents1 Evolution1.1 Special evolution2 Abilities2.1 Attacks3 Appearances3.1 Digimon 023.2 V-Tamer3.3 Digimon World 4EvolutionChampion - GesomonUltimate - MarineDevimonSpecial evolutionDNA Digivolution (Ultimate) - Depthmon + Tylomon or Submarimon + Tylomon = MarineDevimonAbilitiesAttacksDark Deluge: Spews poisonous, flaming ink from his mouth.Evil WindAppearancesDigimon 02Voiced by Tom Wyner.[Spoiler warningSpoiler warning]: Plot and/or ending details follow.MarineDevimon was a member of the Daemon Corps that served the Dark Lord Daemon. He first appeared on December 26, in the waters of Tokyo Bay, to menace a cruise ship on which a wedding was taking place. T.K. helped the ship’s passengers get to safety, as Cody, Submarimon and Angemon battled MarineDevimon. When Zudomon arrived on the scene, MarineDevimon submerged and used his ink to cloak his escape.MarineDevimon reared his head again by nightfall on Daemon's order to take Ken from Yukio Oikawa but he had Shakkoumon to deal with. As the two behemoths fought by a hospital, T.K., Cody and Joe's brother went in and helped evacuate the patients. When one of MarineDevimon’s tentacles smashed through the wall, Cody screamed and Shakkoumon used his Justice Beam to destroy MarineDevimon as there was no other way.  V-TamerFighting for Daemon, Lord Marine the MarineDevimon was the second of the evil Ultimates Taichi Yagami and Zeromaru had to fight in order to get the Tag of Sea. Lord Marine had a big advantage in the water, relishing in his ability to be able to cause Zeromaru to suffer. Although his greatest strength was his speed in the water, he had hardly any defense, such that a few minor hits could wound him greatly. He had two underlings: Octomon and Gesomon. Digimon World 4MarineDevimon is only seen in Diaboromon's base in Venom Jungle.

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