This is how the Marion meets Oliver, Mike, Rex and Bert scene goes in The PJ Masks' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


[Marion is puffing along through the forest.]

Narrator: Marion, the Railway steam shovel, was on her way to help with the construction of the Fat Controller's new branchline.

Marion: I can't wait. Oh, this place is so magical. It's like an enchanted forest. A place you'd find fairies and elves and...

[Something zooms by quickly]

Marion: oh, what's that?!

[Marion looks around but sees nothing]

Marion: Huh? Must have been a trick of the light.

[Something else zooms past]

Marion: Oh! I don't know what that was but I don't want to be seeing things. The best way to stop yourself seeing things is to shut your eyes. [shuts her eyes.] Ok. Now everything is fine.

[She bumps into Toad the brakevan]

Oliver: Whoa!!!

Toad: It's alright. It's Marion. Who I've been telling you about, Mr. Oliver. Remember?

Marion: Oh, Oliver. So sorry. I just didn't want anymore nasty surp-

[Something else zooms up the chute, surprising Marion]

Toad: It's only Mike! Oh, And Rex too! and Bert!

Marion: But... those engines are small! Very very small! Are they real?

Mike: Of course we're real.

[The engines puff away]


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