(voiced by Dane Boedigheimer) - The sole non-fruit in the group, Marshmallow is a cute, adorable, eternally upbeat, rainbow- and unicorn-obsessed ray of fluffy, sugary sunshine. The episode "Marshmalia" indicates his name is Winky. Marshmallow's temper usually appears non-existent, but in the very rare instances it has appeared results in large explosions and injuries to anyone nearby. On occasion Marshmallow displays a latent dark side to enemies, taking great enjoyment in the prospect of torturing them. Marshmallow is the only one of the Fruit Gang who has no negative opinions towards Orange at all, and views him as being his best friend (after Midget Apple), and is the one of the only characters who Orange has never annoyed. The one exception to this occurs in the episode "Fruitarama" where a future, battered, grief-stricken version of Marshmallow (now going by the name "Mars" as he's no longer 'mellow') who lived through a dystopic future, finds himself no longer able to tolerate Orange.


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