This is how the scene goes with the heroes celebrate Marty's Birthday and Alex talks to Marty in Weekenders Goes to Madagascar.

(Later that evening the chefs are bringing animals food. In Marty's enclosure a zoo keeper is cleaning Marty's hoof and one of the chef opens the pot was the grass)

(In Gloria's enclosure the the zoo keepers are rubbing Gloria's back as another chef opens the pot was fruits)

Gloria: This is the life.

(Next in Melman's enclosure the doctors are helping Melman and another chef opens the pot was medicines)

Melman: That's the spot. Oh, I'm in heaven.

(At last in Alex's enclosure the zoo keepers are using the hair blower blowing Alex's mane as another chef appears and opens the pot to see steak and eats it)

(Later in that night in Marty's enclosure we see our heroes are celebrating Marty's birthday)

Gloria: Whoo, it's Marty's birthday!

Tish Katsufrakis: Open it!

Human Fluttershy: Your going to love it!

Marty: What is it? What is it?

Gloria: Come on, open it up!

Laura: What is it?

(Marty opens the present reveals to be a thermometer)

Marty: A Thermometer! Thanks! I love it, Melman, I love it!

(Marty throws the thermometer in the air and grabs it with his mouth)

Melman: Yeah, I wanted to give you something personal. You know that was my first rectal thermometer.

Marty: Mother...!

(Marty spits out the theromometer)

Human Pinkie Pie: Bring out the cake!

All: Happy Birthday to you! You live in a zoo, you like a monkey,

Melman: And!

All: You smell like one too!

(At the monkey cage Mason spits out tea)

Mason: I say...

(Phil smells his arm pit and faints)

Marty: Aww... well, now... you guys are just embarrassing me... and yourselves!

Sunset Shimmer: (Giggling) We are!

Alex: What are you talking about? We've worked that all week.

Gloria: Let's go, let's make a wish babycakes.

(Marty blows the candle with his nose and eats one piece of the cake)