Marty Sardini is a selfish and greedy green fish who developed Coral Cove Park. He serves as the main antagonist of the final Freddi Fish game, The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. His plan was to make Coral Cove his home and make it become a tourist attraction so he can be the richest fish in the sea and keep his reputation as land developer alive. However, when Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine, the sea monster Marty drove out, started scaring people away from Coral Cove, Marty tricks the townsfolk into turning against Xamfear and decides to use them to drive him out. Freddi Fish and Luther somehow foiled his plan by showing Mayor Marlin and the townsfolk Xamfear's deed saying that Coral Cove rightfully belongs to him. Outraged, the townsfolk and Mayor Marlin realized that Marty had been lying to them the entire time and they arrested him for theft and high treason.


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