Mary Quite Contrary is Ally Dawson's Cousin on Sora and Babes in Toyland. She's Married to Tom Piper and Also is a Cousin of Alice.

Mary Babes in Toyland

Mary Quite Contrary (a Cousin of Ally Dawson and Alice)


After the Event of Sora and Babes in Toyland, She is Married to Tom and Started to Go on Ocassional Trips with Her Cousin Ally and Ally's Friends Since Sora's Anniversary Special.

She's a Cousin of Ally Dawson, Truly Scrumptious and Alice.

She's a Cousin-in-Law of Austin Moon.

She's a Niece of Nadya.

Her Weapon is a Toy Boat.

Her Husband Name is Tom Piper. (Although He wasn't Mentioned on Sora's Adventures or Seen after Sora and Babes in Toyland)

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