Matau's adventures of Epic Mickey is a upcoming Ryantrasnformer/Disney Crossover created by Ryantransformer017.


Thomas, Ryan, Crash play the Epic Mickey video game and Matau finds a portal to Yen-Sid's workshop where he is working on his creation, the magic paintbrush and a world for things that have been forgotten for years. But when Mickey and Matau use the brush, it creates the Shadow Blot: a creature made of Paint and Thinner that has the heroes get dragged into the world of Wasteland after the Thinner Disaster itself vanishes into it. Little do they know that Von Nebula put a dark spell on the paint brush that created this creature and that Black Phantom wants to use the creature for his own evil purposes.


The Epic Mickey video game session

The film starts with Matau and Mickey sleeping in bed while Ryan narrates the story of the epic journey they took to defeat a paint monster. Thomas asks: "Who's up for a video game session?!" Then Matau and Mickey notices the mirror glowing in the side and opens a portal to Yen Sid's workshop. Ryan narrates that he don't know if the mirror is being "mischievous or was malicious" but it knew that Matau and Mickey had a role to play in Yen Sid's project, a world for things that have been forgotten for years and a magic paintbrush that can bring them back to life and started to put the finishing touches with paint. Happy with his progress, Yen Sid puts the magical brush down and retire to his chamber. Ryan narrates Yen Sid and he knew what events would follow if he haven't locked away everything: "Paint, brush and Thinner".




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