Mater, Thomas and the Ghostlight is a new short film.


Thomas and Mater are always pulling pranks until they are haunted by a mysterious blue light that teaches them not to.


Thomas and Mater's Night-Time Pranking

The film begins with Thomas and Mater pranking Red by pulling a pot of flowers away from him with Mater's towing line. They then prank Luigi and Guido by jumping out from their stack of tires, causing them to faint. They also prank Twilight and Sally by dressing up as Cone Vampires. They then try to scare Lizzie, which proves unsuccessful. They later prank Fillmore by adding a third can of fuel to the row in front of his tent, then filling the place in front of the tent with dozens of them.

Tale of the Ghostlight

At Flo's V8 Cafe,




  • Behind the Clouds

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