Max (Cats Don't Dance)
 is Darla Dimple's butler and has the appearance of Boris Karloff's Frankenstein. During Darla's Big and Loud number, Pooh asked him that would he trounce Danny for not outstaging Darla, he remarked: "Not really, Pooh bear." in the spongebob verson, he didn't invited the shell louge squad by order of Darla cause she knew the shell louge squad didn't trust her manitger, Ratigan, and knew Ratigan would never reform without an ultamate force, the Shell Louge Squad sented Ratigan's former henchbat, Fidget, to spy on Darla, confirming their sisbitions on Ratigan, and discovering that Darla and Ratigan were in cahoots with Fagin, who offered her, and Max the butler, to join the villain leage, which she accseted, and it's easily assumed Max the butler followed cause of his undying loyalty. also, since the flood sence was deleted from the spongebob verson (and only the spongebob verson), Max the butler was chasing Fidget, who captured Darla, Ratigan and Fagin after Max's small but super senseivive ears heard Fagin screaming, and Max was easily too much for Fidget, even when the rest of the louge came to help, but thankfully, his downfall was the darla balloon hit too close to the pointy things and after it popped, Icky bit the ropes and sended the giant butler flying. it's not well confirmed if Max the butler is an unnatrally sized human, or a giant shaved ape