This is the scene where Max Taylor fights Clayton to save Jama goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(We see Max on the Dinolantian vehicle)

Max Taylor: Alright, Max. This is it. Any last words? Yeah, I wish I had a better idea than this! (Max charges at a balloon and pops it)

(As the balloon slowly goes down, Clayton was surprised)

Clayton: We're loosing altitude, light the low.

(Natalia throws the bucket off board.)

Natalia: That's all of this, unless someone has to jump.

Clayton: Ladies first.

(He throws her out but she get's back on)

Natalia: You said we'll end this together! (kicks him in the face twice) YOU PROMISED ME A PERCENTAGE!

Clayton: (Catches her kick) Well next time, get in rise. (He throws her out again as she screams) Nothing personal!

(Max swings behind him and kicks Clayton as they go down to the nex level)

Clayton: Well, I got to hand it to you. You're are much of a big pain in the neck as I ever thought possible.

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