This is how McCrane possessed and Deckerd sneaks in goes in McCrane's Dark Decent.

McCrane: Hmm. Strange. I thought there was an emergency.

[Suddenly, the Evil Mane Six appear]

Twilight Scream: Hello, McCrane!

McCrane: Twilight Sparkle? What are you and your friends doing here? And why are your coats darker than they were before?

Twilight Scream: You mean, Twilight Scream. I'm an evil copy of Twilight Sparkle. Forged from her blood by King Sombra himself. My friends here were forged from her friends' blood. Allow me to introduce them. Fluttercreep, Rarshion, Rainbow Disaster, Pinkie Destroyer and Appledoom. We're the Evil Mane 6!

McCrane: I should've known. And who is King Sombra?

[The evil mares step back and King Sombra walks forward]

McCrane: [gasps]

King Sombra: So, You're McCrane. I believe you're part of the Brave Police like my faithful evil mares have told me.

McCrane: Correct.

King Sombra: [chuckles] Anyways, I, the cruel and unusual King Sombra, have found a way to use you for my own evil purposes. Possess you. [begins to possess McCrane]

Twilight Scream: Welcome to your nightmare.

[McCrane screams in pain and struggles against the magnetic pull of King Sombra's magic]

Rainbow Disaster: (Cackles) Now you're ours!

[King Sombra continues to possess McCrane. The Crane Detective becomes purple and his eyes turn green. Smoke comes out of the edges of his eyes and he grows a red unicorn horn. His pupils turn red]

Twilight Scream: How do you feel now, McCrane?

McCrane: [in King Sombra's voice] I feel... evil!

Rarshion: Great!

Pinkie Destroyer: [in sing-song voice] Someone's going to have some fun. Hee-Hee-Hee! Us!

Fluttercreep: Us is awesome!

Pinkie Destroyer: I know!

Twilight Scream: So, girls, McCrane, what say we cause some mischief?

Appledoom: Yes.

Rashion: What evil stuff shall we do this time?

Rainbow Disaster: Kidnap them.

Appledoom: Who?

Rashion: I know who.

Fluttercreep: Who are we going to kidnap?

Twilight Scream: I know who we're gonna kidnap.

Pinkie Destroyer: Yeah, we already know that. But who exactly?

Fluttercreep: You know who?

Pinkie Destroyer: Do you mean, one of the Brave Police?

Twilight Scream: Deckerd.

Rainbow Disaster: But Deckerd is, like, lamo. Couldn't we kidnap a much more cooler Brave Policeman than him?

Twilight Scream: How about Drill Boy.

Rainbow Disaster: Even lamer. He's a kid after all.

Twilight Scream: GunMax.

Fluttercreep: I think she was thinking of Dumpson or Power Joe.

Twilight Scream: Right.

Rainbow Disaster: So, which out of Dumpson or Power Joe do you think we should kidnap.

Twilight Scream: Power Joe.

Rainbow Disaster: So, it's settled.

Fluttercreep: Perfect.

Twilight Scream: Let's go!

[McCrane transforms, the mares get in and he drives off. Meanwhile, Deckerd sneaks into an abandoned oil plant]

Deckerd: Okay. I'm in.

Drill Boy: Good luck.

[Deckerd looks around]

Deckerd: I must find it to stop them.

Thomas: We know, Deckerd. The only way to stop Nemesis Prime is to use the Star Sabre.

Deckerd: Got it.

Shadowmaru: Nemesis Prime was created by the clones of Trixie and Sunset Shimmer.

Thomas: Right.

Sunset Shimmer: Why thos evil...! [growls]

Trixie: Please, Calm down.

Sunset: I can't help it. It's just hearing about my evil counterpart.

Trixie: Me neither.

[Suddenly, Deckerd hears something]

Trixie: Uh oh, Let's beat it Sunset!

Sunset: No! Wait! I think it's something else.

Trixie: What else?

Sunset: Look!

[There is a robot sitting in a dark spot]

Sunset: Uh. What's he doing?

Trixie: I don't know.

[Deckerd runs over to him]

Deckerd: Alright then, no more mr. nice guy.

Sunset: Deckerd, wait!

Trixie: Stop for a moment.

[Deckerd stops]

Deckerd: What?

Sunset: I know who this robot is.

Trixie: Who?

Sunset: [to the robot] Excuse me? Um, can you tell me who you are?

Trixie: What's your name?

Unknown Robot: My name is Melody Moonlight! I'm a good Siren.

Trixie: Really?

Melody Moonlight: Yeah. See the blue gem necklace?

Sunset: That's beautiful.

Melody: I sing to bring peace and harmony. Not for power and popularity.

Trixie: That's nice.

Melody: I know. Come with me.

Trixie: Okay.

[Melody leads them down a corridor]

Sunset: That's neat.

Melody: I know. My duty was to protect the Star Sabre from the hands of evil. It was once my parents' duty but they were killed by their nemesis, the Deceptitrain Starsmoke.

Trixie: Nice.

Sunset: Uh, Trixie? I think that's bad news.

Trixie: Right.

Deckerd: Melody. When did your parents die?

Melody: About half a year ago.

Deckerd: Okay.

Sunset: So, why were you chosen to protect the Star Sabre.

Deckerd: Because we need to protect the Star Sabre from doing some serious trouble.

Sunset: I was talking to Melody, Deckerd.

Deckerd: Right.

Sunset: Melody, why did Starsmoke kill your parents?

Trixie: Yeah, why would he do something so cruel to you?

Deckerd: Well, yeah I was worried.

Melody: Starsmoke killed my parents because he wanted the Star Sabre for his own uses.

[She flashes back to the past]

Melody: (Voiceover) When my parents lived, I was making things Nice.

[Melody vocalizes]

Mom: That's Beautiful.

Melody: Is my voice getting stronger?

Dad: Yes.

[Suddenly, a gun blast is heard]

Mom: What was that?

Dad: I don't know.

[They rush to the room where the Star Sabre is kept and find the guards taken out]

Dad: Oh my word.

[Starsmoke appears]

Mom: Look!

Melody: Mommy! I'm scared!

Mom: Don't be afraid, I'm here for you.

Dad: Starsmoke!

Melody: It can't be!

Starsmoke: Get them!

Meltus: (In Rex's Voice) Hurry!

Dad: Melody! Run!

Melody: I can't! I won't leave you!

Mom: Honey! Please! It's for your own safety!

Meltus: But, we're your guardians!

Mom: Use these escape pods and take the Star Sabre! They will take you, the Star Sabre and Melody to a safer place.

Meltus: Please, I wait for you!

Dad: Just go!

Meltus: But.

Melody: There's no time for that Meltus, let's go!

[The three Mixels climb into escape pods. Melody climbs into hers and her mom gives her the Star Sabre]

Burnard: Oh, I hope the mixels are okay.

Meltus: Of course they are. They're with Thomas.

Flamzer: Yes, and I'm sure Flain, Vulk and Zorch are alright.

Mom: Keep the Star Sabre safe, Melody. Protect it with your life.

Melody: I Promise.

[The escape pods are blasted into space. Starsmoke steps up to Melody's mom and dad]

Starsmoke: Now, where was I, oh yes.

[He fires his gun, blowing the place up. In space, Melody watches her homes destruction]

Melody: NOOO!!!

Burnard: Forget it, let's get out of here!

[They land on planet Earth in an abandoned power plant]

Flamzer: That was close.

Burnard: Yeah. Are you okay, Melody?

Melody: I'm okay, I'm Fine.

[Melody starts to tear up]

Meltus: Are you alright.

Melody: Yes. It just that my parents sacrificed themselves to save us. [starts crying] And I miss them.

Meltus: It's okay.

Burnard: Everything will be alright without them.

Flamzer: Yeah, i'm sure will be happy to you.

[The Mixels hug Melody as she continues crying. Back in the present, Melody hangs her head]

Sunset: That was a sad story after all.

Melody: But still, I'm glad that I had the Mixels for company.

Meltus: Yeah, you heard that.

Trixie: Trixie was just thinking, why were you, Melody, chosen to protect the Star Sabre.

Burnard: Right, We know will protect the Star Sabre from King Nixel.

Sunset: [gasps] King Nixel?

Meltus: Yes, He's from the nixels.

Deckerd: Why is he after the Star Sabre?

Flamzer: Because he wanted the Star Sabre.

Sunset: For what?

Burnard: You know.

Sunset: No, I don't know. What does King Nixel want to the Star Sabre for?

Meltus: They wanted to take over mixel planet.

Sunset: But why would they need the Star Sabre to do it?

Flamzer: Tirek wanted the Star Sabre for his brother Scorpan.

Sunset: [gasps] How did Tirek and Scorpan get involved?

Meltus: King Nixel also known as Tirek wanted to steal Equestria Magic and the Powers from the Mixels.

Sunset: How did you know that?

Meltus: King Nixel was inspired by your Tirek and took his name as his nickname. He also took on his form.

Flamzer: The hooded Ominous Shadow as Tirek.

Sunset: Who's the hooded Ominous Shadow?

Meltus: Tirek is the Ominous Shadow.

Sunset: Yeah, I know. But why would King Nixel take his form and name?

Meltus: He will be in Centaur form.

Sunset: I've just realised, King Nixel aka Tirek and Scorpan is planning to drain the Star Sabre of its power in order to take over Mixel Planet and gain his Centaur form.

Meltus: But Scorpan is very nice.

Sunset: I know. But if Tirek gets the Star Sabre, he'll gain centaur form.

Meltus: Tirek and Scorpan want to take control of the Mixels, But Scorpan soon came to appreciate the ways of the Mixels, even befriending a young unicorn wizard.

Sunset: Who was the young Unicorn wizard?

Burnard: Star Swirl the Bearded.

Sunset: The one who banished the Dazzlings to the human world?

Flamzer: Yeah, and now They became good.

Sunset: Right now, we have to stop King Nixel before he takes the Star Sabre and gains enough power to take control of the Mixels again.

Meltus: Right, let's continue on, Scorpan Urged his brother to Abandon their plans, When Tirek also know as King Nixel Refused, Tirek Scolds Scorpan for Abandoning their plans, Then Scorpan alerted Celestia and Luna To Tirek's Attention.

Sunset: So, then the princesses imprisoned him in Tartarus.

Meltus: Yep, Scorpan Return to his own land And Tirek Also Know as King Nixel was Sent to Tartarus for his crimes.

Sunset: But then, he escaped and tried to steal Equestrian Magic.

Meltus: Tirek also known as King Nixel has found a way to escape.

Sunset: Then, my friends used rainbow power to put him back in Tartarus.

Burnard: That's right.

Sunset: But then, Megatrain freed him again.

Flamzer: Right.

Sunset: Megatrain discovered that Tirek also know as King Nixel had stolen his ARC which he used to absord Equestrian Magic.

Meltus: Quite right, He has a plot to absorb the mixels' powers.

Sunset: But the Megatrain took it back and returned to power.

Burnard: Indeed.

Sunset: Then, Megatrain tried to start up a machine but Thomas defeated him.

Flamzer: Yeah, still not getting it.

Sunset: Anyways, let's get out of here before Tirek comes along.

[Sunset bumps into something]

Sunset: Ouch.

[She looks up and sees the King Sombra-possessed McCrane]

Sunset: Uh oh.

McCrane: [in King Sombra's voice] Hello, Sunset Shimmer. Miss me?

Trixie: I think you'd better run.

Sunset: McCrane, is that you?

McCrane: [in King Sombra's voice] Why yes, dear Sunset.

Sunset: Oh no.

Deckerd: Do you recognise that voice?

Sunset: Yes.

Trixie: Trixie knows who it belongs to.

Burnard: Just focus.

McCrane: [in King Sombra's voice] Give us the Star Sabre and no harm will come.

Flamzer: Never!

McCrane: Well, then, in that case, we've got no choice but to force you.

Meltus: Bring it on!

[An all out fire fight starts]

Burnard: (Uses a Cubit) Let's do it.

Melody: [grabs the Star Sabre] Quick, let's get out of here.

Deckerd: Aren't you coming?

Melody: Of course we are.

Deckerd: Then let's go.

[The gang moves out]

Burnard: Are you sure this is safe?

Melody: I know a shortcut.

Meltus: Where?

Melody: [opens a wall panel] Here.

Meltus: Okay.

[Everyone scrambles in]

Flamzer: Now what?

Melody: Wait for it!

Meltus: Wait for it.

[The lift that they're in decents]

Flamzer: Okay now.

Melody: Wait to see what happens next.

Meltus: Got it.

[They are placed into a monorail]

Burnard: So now what?

[The monorail shoots off]

Flamzer: We're falling down!

Melody: No, silly! We're going sideways.

Meltus: Right.

Sunset: They'll never be able to follow us this way.

Trixie: We must think of something.

Deckerd: Trixie, we already have found a way.

Trixie: Okay.

[Back up above]

McCrane: Their getting away.

Twilight Scream: But where did they go?

Rarshion: I don't know.

[Down below]

Fluttercreep: There it is!

[Deckerd, Melody, the Mixels and the others are safe up above]

Deckerd: That was close.

Sunset: I know, right?

Burnard: Yeah.

Flamzer: At least, the Star Sabre is safe.

Deckerd: Good.

Sunset: Now let's get going. We have to stop King Nixel.

Meltus: Got it.

Trixie: Trixie has an idea.

Burnard: What idea?

Trixie: Trixie thinks we should take the Star Sabre back to the Autobots.

Meltus: That's a good idea.

Deckerd: We should let Ratchet examine it first.

[On the Nemesis, Ratchet studies the Star Sabre]

Ratchet: I'm studying about a Star Sabre.

Deckerd: Yes. But this is the Star Sabre.

Flamzer: What Star Sabre?

Melody: The one I was destined to protect.

Meltus: Destined by who?

Melody: No one. My parents gave it to me and you when Starsmoke attacked. Remember?

Burnard: Oh right.

Ratchet: This Star Sabre has unlimited power.

Melody: So?

Ratchet: So, if King Nixel, who is now called Tirek, gets it, he could bring a lot of Mixels under his control.

Meltus: Scorpan warned about the mixels to be safe.

Ratchet: But back then, we found it. We had to use it to stop Megatron.

Burnard: Megatron, Got it.

Ratchet: Upon its destruction, we thought it was gone forever. But somehow, it was recreated.

Deckerd: Right.

Ratchet: And when the time came to use, we did so. Melody parents swore to protect it now matter what.

Burnard: Got you back, Ratchet.

Ratchet: But then, Starsmoke attacked. Only Melody and the Mixels managed to survive.

Flazmer: You got that right!

Ratchet: Good thing you brought it here. Because, if you hadn't, the possessed McCrane might have gotten his hands on it and given it to King Nixel.

Deckerd: What does King Nixel want for the possessed McCrane.

Ratchet: King Nixel wants to use it to control the Mixels' minds.

Meltus: Oh Dear.

Ratchet: All we need to do is get the Star Sabre to Mixel planet so that it can be kept out of his clutches.

Meltus: We got your back guys.

Optimus Prime: But we do not yet know it's location.

Deckerd: What Location?

Ratchet: The location of Mixel Planet. We don't know it.

Deckerd: Mixel Planet right?

Ratchet: Deckerd, for the last time, yes.

Deckerd: Okay.

Ratchet: I would call Thomas. But he's on an Energon scouting mission with Bumblebee right now.

Deckerd: Very well then.

Ratchet: But I do know there is one bot among us who knows of Mixel Planet's existance.

Deckerd: Me?

Ratchet: No, Deckerd. Knock Out. Ex-Decepticon medic.

Deckerd: Oh.

Sunset: Where is Knock Out now?

Ratchet: Knock Out's here.

Knock Out: Hi.

Deckerd: Good to see ya.

Knock Out: I know Mixel Planet and its species. I've seen it on my travels.

Deckerd: Yeah, so?

Knock Out: So, it's just a few stellar cycles away from Cybertron.

Deckerd: King Nixel must be stopped.

Knock Out: I'm with you on that one. King Nixel is my old enemy.

Burnard: That's right.

Sunset: [gasps] You knew King Nixel way back then?

Trixie: Yes.

Sunset: I was talking to Knock Out.

Trixie: Oh.

Sunset: Anyways, you knew King Nixel way back then, Knockout?

Knockout: Right you are, Maybe we can still stop him.

Sunset: It was a question, Knock Out.

Knock out: Right, Sorry, let's tell us a story.

[Knock Out flashes back to the Past. He begins his narration]

Tirek: Let's Find Equestria magic.

Knock Out: King Nixel, why are you doing this?

Tirek: For the last time, Knock Out, call me Tirek!

King Nixel: I'm King Nixel, Tirek's over there.

[The flashback stops when Sunset interrupts]

Sunset: What was King Nixel and Tirek?

Melody: Mixels, I thought you said King Nixel was Tirek.

Burnard: Oh, right.

Knock Out: King Nixel merged himself with Tirek.

[The flashback starts again as King Nixel merges with Tirek]

King Nixel: Perfect with Tirek.

Scorpan: Oh yes.

Knock Out: King Nixel, don't do this.

King Nixel: With my Passing Moment, I Grow Stronger still.

Knock Out: Mixels! You have to stop him!

Scorpi: Got it!

Burnard: Come on!

Glomp: Be careful!

Scorpan: I don't wanna hurt these mixels.

Knock Out: Scorpan! You've changed your mind?

Scorpan: Yes, I was being Nice to Ponies and Mixels.

[The King Nixel-merged-Tirek growls]

King Nixel: What?!

Scorpan: Forget our plans, Tirek. We do not have the right to be doing this.

Tirek: What do you mean?!

Knock Out: King Nixel, you've merged with Tirek, remember?

King Nixel: Right, Scorpan. You did what?!

Scorpan: We don't have the right to hurt these poor creatures.

Scorpi: Yeah, Scorpan, We're your buddies!

Scorpan: That is why I no longer wish to be evil.

Magnifo: That's nice.

[The King Nixel-merged-Tirek grows angry at Scorpan]

King Nixel: You Scold me?!

Scorpan: As I told you, we don't have the right to do these sort of things.

King Nixel: You Abandoned our plans, How dare you!

Scorpan: The Star Sabre protects the Mixels home. So, if you want it and Equestrian Magic, you'll have to go through me.

Flain: Thanks.

[The King Nixel-merged-Tirek roars]

King Nixel: I'll Show You!

Celestia: No, You been bad.

Luna: Prepare to banish into Tartarus.

Cadance: Where you will remain for a hundred years for your crime.

King Nixel: What, That's Impossible!

Celestia: Not with the Elements of Harmony it's not!

Luna: Right you are, Your going to Tartarus for your crimes!

Scorpan: Farewell, King Nixel!

King Nixel: You can't do that!

Scorpan: It's only for the sake of the Mixels.

Luna: That's right.

[Scorpan leaps on the King Nixel-merged-Tirek]

King Nixel: Hey, what are you doing?!

Scorpan: Isn't it obvious? I'm teaching you a lesson!

King Nixel: Please Don't!

[But it's too late. Celestia, Luna and Cadance use the Elements and the King Nixel-merged-Tirek is sent to Tarturas]

Vulk: Bon Voyage, Nixel.

[The severly injured Knock Out collaspses unconscious. Scorpan, the Mixels and the Princesses run over to help him]

Mesmo: We gotta help him!

Burnard: Yes. But how? Any ideas, Scorpan?

Scorpan: I've have an idea.

Meltus: What is it?

Scorpan: We need to do our repairs.

Meltus: Yes, but how?

Glurt: How we going Repair him?

Luna: Scorpan, do you have any suggestions?

Scorpan: Yes, I know what to do.

Celestia: What is it that we have to do?

Scorpan: Get to the Hospital.

Celestia: Yes. Of course. But which one?

Scorpan: Ponyville Hospital.

Celestia: Okay. Mixels, SpaceBridge us there immediately.

Shuff: Right-o!

[A SpaceBridge opens]

Krader: Let's go.

[The Princesses and Scorpan walk through, carrying Knock Out]

Globert: Do you think he is going to be okay?

Burnard: I hope so, Globert.

Rokit: There's nothing to feel sad about.

[At the Ponyville hospital, Knock Out is tended to by Nurse Redheart]

Nurse Redheart: Don't worry guys, i'm sure he will be fine.

Celestia: We thank you for your helpfulness, Nurse Redheart.

Luna: I'm sure the mixels are doing well.

Cadance: I'm sure they're fine, Aunt Celestia.

Vampos: Don't worry about us.

[The flashback ends and Knock Out sighs]

Knock Out: Just who I am kidding?

Sunset: What are you talking about, Knock Out?

Knock Out: Well, about the Mixels.

Sunset: What about the Mixels?

Knock Out: There doing well.

Sunset: No, I meant when you said "Just who am I kidding?".

Knock Out: Oh, now i get it.

Sunset: So, what did you say about the Mixels when you asked who you were kidding?

Knock Out: Well, I was going to protect the Mixels but i was Knocked out.

Sunset: Oh, right.

Trixie: When did that happen?

Sunset: What Happened?

Deckerd: Yeah, when did it happen?

Knock Out: King Nixel Knocked me out!

Sunset: Yes, but when?

Knock Out: I was rushed into the Hospital.

Sunset: [groans] I meant before that.

Knock Out: Oh, sorry.

Sunset: Continue on.

Trixie: So, before you went to the hospital, when did King Nixel knock you out.

Knock Out: I was Unconscious.

Sunset: Okay. But what happened before King Nixel, Tirek and Scorpan attacked Mixel Planet.

Knock Out: Their plotted to get rid of the Mixels.

Sunset: No! I meant before they plotted and attacked.

Knock Out: Right, Their plan to steal all the powers of the mixels.

Sunset: Okay.

Trixie: Right.

Deckerd: Then what happened.

Knock Out: Celestia, Luna And Cadance sent Tirek and King Nixel to Tartarus for their crimes.

Sunset: But after that and going to the hospital.

Knock Out: When I woke up, I had no memory of my past.

Trixie: Oh dear.

[Another flashback starts and in it, Knock Out wakes up with no memory of his past]

Knock Out: That was a dream, So who am I?

Cadance: [gasps] What's happened to him, Aunt Celestia?

Celestia: I don't know, He lost his memory.

Luna: Must've happened when he fell unconscious.

Celestia: I know, But he was hurt badly.

Cadance: Nurse Redheart?

Nurse Redheart: I think he Lost his Memory, But we must remember how we can get his memory back.

Cadance: How does memory loss work on Transformers?

Nurse Redheart: We must know the memory loss.

Cadance: And just how do we do that?

Nurse Redheart: Go to Cybertron and ask Ratchet.

Cadance: Okay.

[Later, on Cybertron, the Princesses are talking to Ratchet]

Celestia: We have an emergency.

Luna: Ratchet, Knock Out has lost his memory. But we don't know how.

Ratchet: Okay, I'll help you.

[Ratchet checks Knock Out for the cause of his memory loss]

Ratchet: Okay, now i'm doing well.

Cadance: So what happened?

Ratchet: I found out what's the memory loss is.

Celestia: What is it?

Ratchet: Amnesia.

Luna: Oh my.

Celestia: How did Knock Out get amnesia?

Ratchet: When Knock Out collapsed, the data from his memory banks was erased. Every single bit of it.

Luna: Oh dear.

Cadance: Knock Out, I hope you regain your memories soon.

Knock Out: I know.

Luna: How long will it be until he regains his memories?

Ratchet: 1 month.

Cadance: One month? But, that's near the day of my wedding.

Luna: That's right.

Celestia: Well, guess we'll just have to help him remember things.

Cadence: Got it.

Ratchet: Good luck, your highnesses. [bows]

Luna: Thanks.

Celestia: Come on, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Right.

[Celestia, Luna and Cadance show Knock Out the EG Universe mirror]

Luna: This is it.

Celestia: Remember this, Knock Out? This is the portal to the Equestria Girls universe.

Knock Out: Oh yeah.

Cadance: Do you remember it?

Knock Out: Yeah.

Luna: So?

Knock Out: Yes.

Cadance: Okay.

Celestia: Can you imagine a pony becoming a human.

Knock Out: Okay, I'll try.

[Knock Out pictures a pony turning into a human]

Luna: What do you think?

Knock Out: I think it's awesome.

Luna: Sweet.

Knock Out: But I don't have any data of this mirror in my memory banks.

Celestia: Don't worry, We'll get your memory back.

[Luna leads him onto the balcony and shows him how she raises the moon]

Luna: Okay, see the moon?

Knock Out: Yes.

Luna: See how I raise the moon.

Knock Out: Yes.

Luna: Okay.

Knock Out: I think I once saw a Unicorn's face embedded in the moon's surface.

Luna: That's scary.

Knock Out: I believe they called it the Mare In The Moon.

Luna: Right.

Knock Out: But she was really called Nightmare Moon. That was you, wasn't it?

Luna: Yep, But Twilight and his friends uses the Elements of Harmony to turn me back to good, Pretty cool as a rainbow.

Knock Out: I understand. Where's Nightmare Moon now?

Luna: Tantabus is Nightmare moon.

Knock Out: What is the Tantabus?

Luna: Tantabus is a creation of Nightmares.

Knock Out: Go on.

Luna: I blamed myself for its creation and it began to feed on my guilt.

Knock Out: So.

Luna: I attempt to stop Tantabus for having bad dreams.

Knock Out: But what if Nightmare Moon comes back?

Luna: Well, I learn how to train to become a Knight of Heroism Night.

Knock Out: How does that happen?

Luna: Well, you're engulf in a nebula aura and then, when you come out, you look like a knight.

Knock Out: Now I get it.

Luna: So, then, you remember Starscream. Right?

Knock Out: Yes.

Luna: Do you have any data about him in your memory banks?

Knock Out: Why yes I do!

Luna: Do you have any memory of your past?

Knock Out: No.

Luna: Then let's get your memory back.

Celestia: Any luck, Luna?

Luna: We must think of something.

Cadance: Why don't we use unicorn magic?

Luna: Good idea.

[The three alicorns charge up their magic]

Knock Out: Do you think it's okay?

Celestia: Of course it is.

Knock Out: Okay.

[The Princesses magic hits Knock Out]

Knock Out: I remember!

Celestia: What do you remember?

Knock Out: About the Mixels!

Luna: What do you remember about them?

Knock Out: The friends of the Mixels.

Cadance: Do you remember who they are?

Knock Out: Flain, Teslo, Krader, Flurr, Gobba, Kraw, Scorpi, Glomp, Magnifo, Burnard, Globert, Niksput, Gox, Chilbo, Tungster, Snax, Kramm and Dribbal.

Celestia: Exactly. But do you remember who their friends are?

Knock Out: Deckerd, Drill Boy, McCrane, Dumpson, Red Alert, Clocker and Hot Shot.

Celestia: Do you remember the Autobots?

Knock Out: Optimus, Bumblebee, Dynamite, Blaster, Cross-Hairs and Drift.

Cadance: Since when did Dynamite from the Smokejumpers become an Autobot?

Knock Out: I have found she had become an Autobot since then, and Dynamite is being a good friend.

Celestia: Do you remember Thomas the Tank Engine?

Knock Out: Yeah!

Celestia: At least, you got your memory back.

Knock Out: Thanks.

Celestia: You're welcome.

Luna: Now you'd better get back to Mixel Planet.

Knock Out: Right then.

[A Spacebridge opens and Knock Out walks through]

Luna: Let's get moving.

Celestia: Yeah.

Knock Out: Okay.

[The flashback ends]

Knock Out: And that's how I Got my memory back.

Sunset: Well, at least Optimus wasn't the only one with lost memories.

Trixie: Yeah, we know that.

Knock Out: I remember that.

Sunset: Remember what?

Knock Out: The day Optimus lost his memories.

Sunset: Oh my.

Optimus: That's right. When I used the Matrix of Leadership to send Unicron back into hibernation, I lost my memories of being a Prime and became who I once was, Orion Pax.

Knock Out: Yeah. I even put the Decepticon Ignisa on him.

Meltus: Oh my.

Knock Out: Megatron made several lies to him. But Orion soon became Optimus Prime again.

Meltus: Cool.

Knock Out: I once had a partner named Breakdown. But he was killed Airachnid.

Zorch: Now they tells us, that's sad.

Knock Out: I know.

Seismo: That's a shame.

Knock Out: Yeah. One time, Starscream and I used Synthetic Energon on him, and Dark Energon. But it resulted in him becoming a Terrorcon Vampire.

Globert: That's scary.

Knock Out: Yeah. But Airachnid killed him again, thankfully.

Boogly: Oh dear.

Knock Out: I know it sounds tragic. But, let's get to Mixel Planet. We can't let Tirek get there first.

Rokit: You got that right!

Knock Out: Better get that spacebridge open, Ratchet.

Ratchet: Then let's do this.

Knock Out: Autobots, roll out.

Dynamite: You got it.

Melody: Fits you better than Optimus, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Yeah, Thanks.

Deckerd: Come on.

Knock Out: Follow me!

Deckerd: Okay!

[They soon arrive on Mixel Planet]

Snoof: Hey guys!

Flain: Hey, how ya been?

Burnard: Going so well.

Globert: Haven't you guys in a few years.

Flamzer: Yeah, you know that.

Niksput: Welcome home, guys!

Meltus: Nice to be back.

Deckerd: So this is Mixel Planet.

Knock Out: Yep, I know that.

Melody: Attention, all Mixels.

Scorpi: Stand in line!

Melody: I would like to tell you that Tirek is on his way to steal the Star Sabre and use its magic to rule Mixel Planet. King Nixel merged with him. You all remember that, right?

Flain: Oh yeah.

Melody: And we need to stop King Nixel-merged with-Tirek from getting the Star Sabre.

Vulk: You got it!

Melody: Do any of you have any ideas on how to do that?

Zaptor: How about we put it in Mixel Planet's core?

Volectro: Good idea.

Melody: Okay.

Seismo: Let's put it in the Mixel Planet's core.

Melody: Wait a minute. We'll have to wait for the bad guys to show up.

Gobba: Okay.

Tirek: Too late.

Vampos: Tirek is here!

Melody: You mean, King Nixel merged with Tirek.

Vampos: Oh, Right.

King Nixel: Miss me, Knock Out?

Knock Out: How on earth did you escape?!

King Nixel: I had a little help. [steps back revealing: Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor]

Steeljaw: Hello.

Knock Out: You guys again?!

Thunderhoof: Yep, us again.

Melody: How did you find us?

Underbite: Followed your signals.

Clampdown: Neat plan.

Fracture: Anyways, we just came by for that big beauty. King Nix's been looking all over for it.

Jinky: You did what?!

Fracture: [points to the Star Sabre] We just came by for that big beauty. Kind Nix's been looking all over for it.

Kamzo: What do you mean?!

Thunderhoof: You know what he means. We came here to steal its magic so that King Nix here can rule the entire universe.

Turg: You can't do that!

Clampdown: Oh, really?

Fracture: We'll just have to see you about that, Won't we?

Optimus: [takes out his iron blaster] Prepare for the fight of your lives!

Deckerd: Prepare to get Scrapped.

Thunderhoof: Eeyo. You mess with the boss, you get the hoof.

Snax: Eat this hoof.

[Thunderhoof charges]

Thunderhoof: Prepare to be thundered.

[Deckerd kicks Thunderhoof]

Thunderhoof: Ouch!

Deckerd: Leave that Mixel alone!

Burnard: You heard Deckerd!

Thunderhoof: [gets up] I'm gonna have to teach you about respect, you dirty Mixel!

Turg: I will lick you!

Thunderhoof: [growls, but stops when Steeljaw puts a servo on his shoulder]

Steeljaw: Chill out Thunderhoof, you're getting way to far.

Thunderhoof: You're right, suppose I could just chilax.

Steeljaw: Like chill.

Thunderhoof: I understand. But how do we get the Star Sabre from 'em?

Steeljaw: [thinks for a moment] Hey, Melody Moonlight. If you give us that Star Sabre, Mixel Planet shall remain to belong to the Mixels.

Deckerd: Hah! Like we would agree to that!

Jinky: Why are you doing this?!

Steeljaw: Well, duh, because King Nixel wants its magic.

Glomp: Oh dear.

Thunderhoof: Just hand it over, and no harm will come.

Kamzo: Hah! You wish, antler head!

Steeljaw: Don't call Thunderhoof, an antler head!

Melody: Why you big.....! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!~

Steeljaw: Your voice won't affect us!

Melody: Oh great.

Steeljaw: Grab the Star Sabre.

Thunderhoof: As you wish.

[Thunderhoof tackles Melody]

Melody: Ow!

[The Star Sabre falls out of her hands]

Steeljaw: At long last, the Star sabre is ours.

[Suddenly, Deckerd grabs Steeljaw's arm]

Steeljaw: Hey, Let me go!

[He reaches for the Star Sabre, but Burnard grabs it first]

Burnard: I'll take that.

[Steeljaw looks at Thunderhoof and Underbite]

Steeljaw: Grab him, you fools!

Thunderhoof: Okay!

[Burnard runs into a dead end alley. Steeljaw appears behind him]

Burnard: Oh great, A dead end.

[Ratchet appears behind Steeljaw with his servos in the air]

Ratchet: I don't think so.

Burnard: Ratchet, catch! [throws the Star Sabre over Steeljaw's head]

Ratchet: Gotcha!

[Thunderhoof goes to grab it but Ratchet tosses it to Optimus]

Optimus: Thanks for the Star Sabre, Steeljaw.

[Clampdown snatches it and the Star Sabre is quickly exchanged between hands and servos, until it ends up falling into Steeljaw's servos]

Optimus: No!

Burnard: I'll stop it!

[Steeljaw dodges Burnard]

Burnard: D'oh!

Thunderhoof: Nice try, Mixel. But this Star Sabre needs to be in the servos of someone responsible. Us.

Flamzer: Hey! That's not fair!

Meltus: That's cheating!

Fracture: Just be glad we didn't tear you guys to shreds.

Deckerd: Oh, you wouldn't dare!

Thunderhoof: We could've tore yous to pieces but we didn't. Right, Steeljaw?

Steeljaw: Right, Thunderhoof. Well, sorry, King Nixel. But it looks like the Star Sabre is already in the hands of its rightful owners.

King Nixel: Excellent.

Thunderhoof: No, ya silly Nixel! Steeljaw means that the Star Sabre already has someone to be responsible for it. We Decepticons.

King Nixel: Sorry.

Fracture: No! He means we Decepticons don't work for you anymore. We're done!

King Nixel: Wait, What?!

Steeljaw: Sorry, but we're done taking orders from you.

King Nixel: You can't do that!

Underbite: You should know, King Nix. There is only room for one king.

King Nixel: Who?

Clampdown: Us.

Steeljaw: Say Goodbye.

[Thunderhoof kicks King Nixel into a vortex]


[When King Nixel vanishes, the Decepticons turn to our heroes]

Thunderhoof: Now, where was I?

Steeljaw: Uh, Thunderhoof? You're forgetting something.

Thunderhoof: Uh, oops.

Steeljaw: The Star Sabre is ours. We control Mixel Planet now.

Clampdown: Perfect timing.

Deckerd: You might be laughing now. But we'll see what happens when we kick your sorry cans.

Steeljaw: Oh, give me a break, that's too funny.

Knock Out: You've told us a million times.

Steeljaw: What million times?

Knock Out: Back on Cybertron, and now here.

Steeljaw: Oh really, Then you were being there.

Knock Out: Oh, forget it! Just destroy us already!

Steeljaw: Just get on with it!

Thunderhoof: Finally! [raises his foot]

Steeljaw: Uh, you're raising you foot, not your hand.

Thunderhoof: Like I said, Steel. They mess with the boss, they get the hoof.

Knock Out: A Hoof is a Roof.

Thunderhoof: And just who are you calling a roof?

Knock Out: You did.

Thunderhoof: That's it! Now, you're gonna get the hoof.

Clampdown: This time you're gonna get it like pie.

[Thunderhoof stomps on Knock Out, crippling him in the process]

Knock Out: Ow.

Deckerd: Knock Out!

Knock Out: That hurt.

Deckerd: Ratchet, help Knock Out. We'll take care of the 'Cons.

Ratchet: You got it.

Deckerd: Let's get 'em, guys.

Ratchet: Okay, if you say so.

[Ratchet runs over to Knock Out]

Deckerd: Take that.

Ratchet: Okay, now you're gonna get it.

Deckerd: Aren't you supposed to be taking care of Knock Out?

Ratchet: Oh yeah, Sorry.

[Ratchet heads over to Knock Out]

Ratchet: Are you okay, Knock Out?

Knock Out: I'm fine.

Ratchet: But you're crippled.

Knock Out: Oh, yes, Right.

Ratchet: Where does it hurt?

Knock Out: Right here.

Ratchet: Oh.

[Ratchet begins to repair Knock Out]

Ratchet: Don't worry, I'll fix you.

Knock Out: Thanks.

Ratchet: No problem.

[Deckerd tackles Thunderhoof]

Deckerd: Hi-ya!

Fracture: You're gonna get it.

Thunderhoof: Let's dance!

Deckerd: Really? Okay.

Thunderhoof: Shoot!

Deckerd: Shoot.

Thunderhoof: Shoot, Left.

Deckerd: Like this? [kicks Thunderhoof]

Thunderhoof: Ouch, Hey! This isn't a game!

Deckerd: I know it's not!

Fracture: Oh really? Than let's play another game.

Decekerd: Like what?

Fracture: A game of hide and go seek.

[Fracture leaps into the air and disappears]

Deckerd: Where did you go?!

[Fracture sneaks attacks Deckerd]

Deckerd: Whoa!

Fracture: Gotcha.

Deckerd: Let me go!

Thunderhoof: I'll take him!

Deckerd: No you wouldn't!

[Before Thunderhoof can do anything, he hears Knock Out beginning to sing]

Thunderhoof: What was that?

Knock Out: You're never gonna bring me down~

You're never gonna break this part of me~

My friends are here to bring me 'round~

Not using magic just for popularity~

Deckerd: We're here to let you know~

That we won't let it go~

Ratchet: Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow~

Knock Out: And you can try to fight~

But we have got the light of friendship on our side~

Ratchet: Got the music in our hearts~

We're here to blow this thing apart~

And together, we will never be afraid of the dark~

Deckerd: Here to sing our song out loud~

Get you dancing with the crowd~

As the music of our Friendship~

Survives, survives!~

(They Blasts them and takes down these enemies)

Knock Out: Got the music in our hearts~

We're here to blow this thing apart~

And together, we will never be afraid of the dark~

Deckerd: Here to sing our song out loud~

Get you dancing with the crowd~

As the music of our friendship~

Survives, survives, survives!~

(They Blasts them again and takes down these enemies)

Steeljaw: Nice try, but the Star Sabre is indestructible.

Knock Out: Guess again.

Steeljaw: What do you mean?

Knock Out: This!

[Knock Out zaps him with an Energon Prod]

Steeljaw: Ow, What the?!

Knock Out: Hand back the Star Sabre.

Steeljaw: Never!

Knock Out: I won't give in.

Steeljaw: You Wouldn't!

Knock Out: I get what you mean. But, this one is for the Mixels and Mixel Planet!

Deckerd: That's right!

[The Star Sabre starts glowing as Knock Out floats into the air]

Knock Our: And now you're gonna get it!

[A large rainbow beam shoots out of Knock Out's spark]

Steeljaw: Ah! My Star Sabre!

Knock Out: You have outnumbered us for the last time!

Deckerd: Now's our chance!

[A flash of bright light appears. As it clears, Deckerd finds Knock Out laying unconscious on the ground]

Deckerd: Are you okay?

Knock Out: [coughs] No, Deckerd!

Deckerd: You're fine!

Knock Out: No! I was sacrificing myself to save the Mixels and you.

Deckerd: Oh, now I get it.

Knock Out: I wish that I never joined the Decepticons in the first place.

Deckerd: Yeah, me too.

Knock Out: I may be dead to those who loved me, but within your hearts, I will live on forever.

Deckerd: Please don't.

Knock Out: Don't worry. Within your heart I will remain with you.

Deckerd: Please stay.

Knock Out: That is what I am trying to reassure you about.

Deckerd: Reassure, I know.

Knock Out: As long as I live within your hearts, I will stay with you.

Deckerd: Stay with me?

Knock Out: Yes.

Deckerd: Right.

Knock Out: Good luck. Deckerd. [splutters and dies]

Deckerd: Knock Out? Knock Out, wake up!

Burnard: No, It cannot be!

Melody: I'm sorry, Mixels. But Knock Out passed away.

Flamzer: (In Owen's Voice) WHY!!!!!!!!!!

Melody: But I assure you. He will remain with us from within our hearts.

Rokit: I know.

Melody: Knock Out was a brave warrior even though he was a Decepticon in the past.

Niksput: He never forget you have done.

Melody: Goodbye, Knock Out.

Boogly: Wherever you are.

[Melody then has an idea on how to bring back Knock Out]

Melody: Deckerd. Stand aside. I know how to bring back Knock Out.

Deckerd: Okay.

Globert: What's she gonna do?

Burnard: Bring back Knock Out.

Flamzer: Oh, now I get it.

[Melody holds a hand over Knock Out]

Rokit: Careful.

Melody: My dear Knock Out. So young and wealthy, you shall no longer be weak but strong and healthy.

Jinky: Whoa!

Kamzo: What's happening?

Gox: Knock Out's being revived.

Turg: Wow!

Knock Out: What happened?

Gox: Knock Out!

Jinky: You're back!

Knock Out: I know.

Melody: We're glad to have you back, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Thanks.

[Knock Out stands up]

Gox: Now, you're feeling better.

Knock Out: Yeah. I'm just a bit dizzy.

Chilbo: More like confusing.

Knock Out: No. I'm serious.

Snoof: Oh, Skiing.

Knock Out: Look, I'm a bit dizzy from the attack I unleashed on Steeljaw.

Deckerd: Yep, We know this.

Melody: Anyways, let's get the Star Sabre to Mixel Planet's core.

Deckerd: Sure.

[They walk toward the planet's core]

Deckerd: Okay, This is it.

[Melody holds the Star Sabre over the core]

Snax: Uh, are you sure this is safe?

Melody: Of course it is. I'm it's protector after all.

Berp: Oh, right.

[Melody drops the Star Sabre into the core]

Deckerd: The Star Sabre is set.

Melody: And now we wait.

Deckerd: Okay.

[The CyberMatter starts to bubble and boil]

Deckerd: What was that?!

Melody: Wait for it.

Berp: I heard it bubbly.

[A bright light comes out]

Tungster: What's that light?!

Melody: [sheilds her eyes] The Star Sabre's working its magic.

Deckerd: Good.

[Everyone sheilds their eyes as the light bursts]

Deckerd: Wow.

[The light fades and the Cybermatter stops bubbling and boiling]

Knock Out: That's all?

Melody: Yep. I'm afraid that's all the Star Sabre does when connected to a planet's core.

Knock Out: Oh.

Melody: I'm glad that's over.

Knock Out: Thanks.

Deckerd: Let's party!

Flain: Rock and Roll!

[Everyone partys]

Twilight: Ooh-ooh, yeah-yeah~

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