This is how McLeach's defeat goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Open Season.

McLeach: [takes off his coat] Who needs a grizzly? I'm gonna get me some rare equines. [grabs his shotgun][chuckles] [cocks gun]

Fluttershy: [gasps] [then she sees Willy's rifle]

Duncan: (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) NO!!!

Fluttershy: [picks up Willy's rifle]

Steam Mech: [kicks the rifle out of her grip]

Duncan: (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) RUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!! [fires his AR-15 at McLeach]

McLeach: [the gun shots cause him to back up and then he falls into a pit] WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!


[the ponies then look at the pit]

Duncan: (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) RUN!!! GO!!!! GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!!

[they run]

Twilight: Go! Go!

McLeach: [starts climbing out] I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill those stinking colorful equines!! [he gets out and sees them running] Joanna, sic em!

Joanna: [chases them]

Mako: AAH!!!!

Sharky: [runs up to Willy (who is still out cold)] WILLY, WAKE UP!! [starts smacking him] WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP DAMN YOU!!

[The chase goes on]

Twilight: Everypony up that hill!

[AJ, Pinkie, and Fluttershy look back after hearing Joanna]

Joanna: [growls as she chases them]

[they run up the hill.]

Sharky: Willy!

Willy: Huh? Wha? What happened?

Mako: You've been knocked out! But you've gotta get goin'!

Ben: Yeah! McLeach is after the ponies!

Willy: WHAT?!

Steamy: Git' the dadgum hay goin'! They need you!!

Willy: I'm going now! [he races off and grabs his rifle as he goes]

Joanna: [growls]

Pinkie: [panting as she runs]


McLeach: Blast it! [chambers another round and aims]

[from the scope POV we see the crosshairs point at the back of Twilight's head]

McLeach: [fires]

[but the shot misses]

Joanna: RAR!!!

Twilight: GAAAAH!!!

[they all continue running up the hill]

Twilight: I think we're gonna make it!

[but then when they reach the top, there is a cliff just in front, forcing them to stop]

Applejack: [gasp]

Shining Armor: It's a dead end!

Joanna: RAR!! RAR!!

Pinkie: [yelps]

Joanna: [stops just near them]

Rainbow: I never thought it'd end like this!

Joanna: [growls]

Applejack: [puts Apple Bloom behind her] Just stay behhind me sis.

Apple Bloom: Sure.

[then McLeach comes up]

McLeach: [cackles]

[most of the equines are frightened by his mere sight.]

McLeach: Got ya. Just look at them Joanna, the rarest animals in the world. And they're gonna make me rich. Filthy rich.

Pinkie: [gets her knees] Please! Please don't kill me and turn me into a furcoat! My pelt's not that good! Besides, I have sisters! Both young and old!

McLeach: I'm not turning all of you into coats and other things. Some of you will live, while some will perish.

Applejack: Aw, nuts.

McLeach: Now, which one shall I kill first?

Flutterhy: No one!

Joanna: RAR!!

Fluttershy: [yelps and then faints]

McLeach: Who shall be first?

Shining Armor: Me! I'd rather go, than my have wife go.

Twilight: No, shoot me! It's me you want!

McLeach: Well, if you insist.

Spike: Twilight are you crazy?!

Cadance: Yeah, you're still young!

Twilight: No, I'm doing this for my friends, and family.

McLeach: [chuckles] Yeah. [aims at Twilight]

Twilight: [gulps] [she then closes her eyes prepared for the worst]

Shining Armor: No!

[they look away, not wanting to see what happens next]


Spike: NOOOOO!!!! [sniffs]

Pinkie: Well, at least she did it for us.

Zecora: I hate to interrupt your moment of sorrow, but Twilight will be living again tomorrow.

Pinkie: Hmm?

Zecora: [points]

[they look and then McLeach falls to the ground]

Twilight: [opens her eyes and sees what happened]

[and there, just a few feet away is Willy (and his rifle barrel is smoking)]

Willy: [breathing heavily] You... won't be killing any animals anymore. Percival C. McLeach. Ever again.

Twilight: Thanks, thanks alot.

Willy: When I say, "I'll protect you." I don't go back on my word!

Sweetie Belle: But, are you sure he's dead?

Willy: [feels McLeach's neck] Yeah, he's dead.

Fluttershy: Good ridence! [to Willy] Thank you so much!

Willy: No problem.

Fluttershy: Now, he won't kill anymore cute animals.

Rarity: Thank you so much!

Willy: Sure, not a problem.

[then they hear a helicopter]

Joanna: Yah! [runs away]

Willy: It's Beth, let's go.

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