This is how McQueen tries on disguises and Ryan hangs out with Susan goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Monsters Vs. Aliens.

[Meanwhile, a train named "Bucker" trundles down the track near San Franscisco]

Bucker: Damien, one hour to San Fransisco.

[Inside, a claw fits in one of Lightning's headlamps]

Damien Phaser-Drift: Thank you, Bucker.

Farrah McGearshift: That should just about do it. And remember, McQueen. It's voice activated. Well. Most of those things are voice activated these days.

Lightning McQueen: Well. How will Ryan and Susan see me when all I want is a disguise.

Computer: Voice recognised. Request acknowledged.

[McQueen turns into an alien car]

Lightning McQueen: Wow. Make me a German car.

Computer: Request acknowledged.

[He turns into a German car]

Lightning McQueen: Look. I am wearing what Mater wears. Make me a monster car.

Computer: Request acknowledged.

[He turns into a Ryan-Ko based car]

Lightning McQueen: I look like Ryan-Ko. [chuckles] I want to snuff Megatron's spark! Now, make me a taco truck!

Computer: Request acknowledged.

[He turns into a taco truck]

Lightning McQueen: Now a hot rod.

Computer: Request acknowledged.

[He then turns into a hot rod. Damien turns him back]

Damien Phaser-Drift: The idea is to keep a low profile, Lightning.

[Meanwhile, with Ryan and the gang. Ryan is sitting next to Susan]

Evil Ryan: Hey, Ryan. What is the matter?

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Nothing. I was hanging out with Susan. Talking to her tell some stories. Oh. Maybe going dancing when the alien robot is defeated.

Meg Griffin: So. You think Susan is your...your...

Ryan F-Freeman: Girlfriend? Yeah. I'll go talk to her.

[Meg nods and Ryan

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Susan.

Susan Murphy:

Ryan F-Freeman:

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